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Αρχική    Studying the depth of nearby interstellar clouds  

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Τίτλος Studying the depth of nearby interstellar clouds
Συγγραφέας Μπουζέλου, Φωτεινή Μαρία
Σύμβουλος διατριβής Τάσσης, Κωνσταντίνος
Περίληψη Molecular clouds are the birthplace of stars and planets. Understanding how stars are formed inside these interstellar clouds is one of the longest-standing questions in astronomy. However, the complexity of physics that surrounds them and the unchangeable fact that we only see their 2D projection on the plane of the sky make it difficult to answer. Learning their three dimensional structure could help us understand better the mechanism behind star formation. In this work, we developed a method for finding the third hidden dimension of interstellar clouds. More specifically, we studied the changes in differential extinction of star light that molecular clouds are known to cause. We applied it in two nearby clouds; Musca and the B211/B213 region of the Taurus complex.
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Ημερομηνία έκδοσης 2021-03-24
Συλλογή   Σχολή/Τμήμα--Σχολή Θετικών και Τεχνολογικών Επιστημών--Τμήμα Φυσικής--Πτυχιακές εργασίες
  Τύπος Εργασίας--Πτυχιακές εργασίες
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