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Information concerning the uploading of thesis

Fields of the uploading form

The Digital collection Thesis has as a purpose to incorporate the thesis of the University of Crete.

Beneath you can find useful information on the fields of the uploading form of thesis.

In the field Creator you must complete the name of the creator of Thesis.

In the following field Email Address the electronic address of the creator is to be completed so that the librarian can contact the creator for additional information.

The next field Title, refers to the title of the thesis.

Through this field,Notes to librarian, the user is given the chance to add any comments or notes on the thesis that the librarian should take into consideration.

Finally, the field Digital Object is the field where the user can upload his thesis to the system.

After the data has been sent to the system, a link appears containing the location of the thesis.After the thesis has been overviewed by the librarian, it is visible from the main catalogue as well.

Note: All fields apart from the Notes to librarian, must be specified.