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Identifier 000426722
Title The effect of developmental ablation of TAG-1-expressing pyramidal neurons in the mouse brain
Alternative Title Αποτέλεσμα της απαλοιφής των νευρώνων που εκφράζουν TAG-1 στον αναπτυσόμενο φλοιό των ποντικών
Author Μαριάτος Μεταξάς, Δημήτριος Γ.
Thesis advisor Καραγωγέως, Δόμνα
Reviewer Μπέρτσιας, Γεώργιος
Σιδηροπούλου, Κυριακή
Abstract Corticofugal axons projecting to the thalamus, stiatum and palidum are known to express (CNTN2/TAG-1), a neuronal recognition molecule of the immunoglobulin superfamily involved in neurogenesis, neurite outgrowth and fasciculation. TAG-1, which is expressed transiently by cortical pyramidal neurons during embryonic development, has been shown to be fundamental for axonal recognition and cellular migration in the developing cortex. Our lab generated a novel mouse line that enables us to track the neurons expressing Tag-1 and, upon crossing with the EMX1cre line, to ablate the vast majority of Tag-1 expressing neurons in the cortex. This model revealed to us that Tag-1-expressing neurons are also located in superficial layers projecting to other cortical areas and contributing to the formation of the corpus callosum. The ablation of Tag-1-expressing cells resulted in defective development of major fiber tracts such as the corpus callosum and anterior commissure. Furthermore, we observed reduced number of interneurons in the cortex. Tag-1DTA mutant mice displayed better learning abilities but defective spatial memory.
Language English
Subject Anterior commisure
Corpus callosum
Πρόσθια δεσμίδα
Issue date 2019-11-29
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Biology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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