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Identifier 000410597
Title Σύνθεση, χαρακτηρισμός και μελέτη ομομεταλλικών 4f και ετερομεταλλικών 3d-4f συμπλόκων
Alternative Title Synthesis, characterization and study of homometallic 4f and heterometallic 3d-4f complexes
Author Τσάναϊ, Άγγελος
Thesis advisor Μήλιος, Κωνσταντίνος Ι.
Reviewer Δημάδης, Κωνσταντίνος
Τρικαλίτης, Παντελής
Φρουδάκης, Γεώργιος
Κουτσολέλος, Αθανάσιος
Σπύρος, Απόστολος
Αρματάς, Γεράσιμος
Abstract In the present PhD Thesis we describe the synthesis, structures and magnetic properties ofheterometallic 3d-4f and homometallic 4f complexes. The employment of suitable organicligands (H3L1, H2L2, H2L3, H2L4 and HL5) in NiII/4f, CoII/III/4f, CuII/4f and 4f chemistry led to the isolation and characterization of sixteen new 3d-4f and 4f families with general formulas:1. [NiII6LnIII3(OH)6(HL1)6(NO3)3](Ln= GdIII (1), DyIII (2), ErIII(3)),2. [CuII7LnIII2(L1)4(HL1)2(OAc)4](Ln= GdIII (4), TbIII (5), DyIII (6), YIII (7)),3. [CoIII4LnIII2(HL1)4(L1)2(MeO)2(NO3)2(MeOH)2](Ln= GdIII (8), DyIII (9)),4. [CoIII4CoII2CeIV(HL1)4(L1)4] (10),5. [LnIII7(OH)2(L2)9 (aib)] (Ln= DyIII (11), GdIII (12), TbIII (13), HoIII (14), ErIII (15),TmIII (16), YbIII (17), ΥΙΙΙ(18)),6. [CeIII8CeIV13O8(OH)24(NO3)12(L2)12] (19),7. [NiII6LnIII8(OH)10(L2)6(aib)4(naphth)4(NO3)4(MeO)2](Ln= DyIII (20), GdIII (21), HoIII (22)),8. [NiII7LnIII2(HL1)2(L1)4(aib)2(NO3)2](Ln= DyIII (23),Gd (24), Tb (25), Y (26)),9. [LnIII(L3)(MeO)(MeOH)0.5]n (Ln= GdIII (27), TbIII (28), DyIII (29)),10. [LnIII(L3)(N3)0.75(MeO)0.25(MeOH)]n (Ln= GdIII (30), TbIII (31), DyIII (32)),11. [LnIII2(L4)3(MeOH)] (Ln= DyIII (33), GdIII (34)),12. [CoII6LnIII2(L5)9(OH)4(aib)3] (Ln= GdIII (35), DyIII (36)),13. [CoΙΙ7LnΙΙΙ(L5)9(OH)3(aib)3](ClO4)(NO3) (Ln= GdIII (37), DyIII (38)),14. [NiΙΙ6LnΙΙΙ2(L5)9(OH)3(aib)3(ΜeO)](Ln= GdIII (39), DyIII (40)),15. [NiΙΙ7LnΙΙΙ(L5)9(OH)3(aib)3](Ln= GdIII (41), DyIII(42)),16. [NiII6LnIII(L5)4(Htea)4](Ln= DyIII(44), GdIII (45), YIII(46)).The magnetic characterization of all complexes gave us insight into slow relaxationphenomena, the ground and excited spin states and the magnetic exchange interactionspresent in the complexes, as well as the ground state magnetic anisotropy axes for the DyIIIcenters.
Language Greek
Subject 4f
Coordination complexes
Homometallic 4f complexes
Magnetic properties
Magnetocaloric effect
Molecular coolants
Polynuclear complexes
Polynuclear complexes
Single molecule magnets
Solvothermal conditions
Διαλυτοθερμικές συνθήκες
Ετερομεταλλικά 3d-4f σύμπλοκα
Μαγνήτες μοναδικού μορίου
Μαγνητικές ιδιότητες
Μαγνητοθερμικό φαινόμενο
Μοριακοί καταψύκτες
Ομομεταλλικά 4f σύμπλοκα
Πολυπυρηνικά σύμπλοκα
Σύμπλοκα συναρμογής
Issue date 2019-05-21
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Chemistry--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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