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Identifier 000449469
Title Εξατομίκευση και ατομική ευθύνη ως τρόπος διακυβέρνησης : το παράδειγμα της συμβουλευτικής σταδιοδρομίας στο πλαίσιο των ενεργητικών πολιτικών απασχόλησης / Ανεστάκος Ανέστης.
Alternative Title Ιndividualization and individual responsibility as governance : The example of Career Guidance in the context of activation employment policies
Author Ανεστάκος, Ανέστης
Thesis advisor Τσιώλης Γεώργιος
Reviewer Τζανάκης Μανόλης
Καρακιουλάφη Χριστίνα
Abstract This thesis objectifies the exercise of political power based on the neoliberal model. It stands among the field of governmentality studies combined with the field of post-modern individualization studies. It aims to contribute to the debate on the modern way of governing by focusing on individualization and individual responsibility as typical, modern governance techniques. More specifically, this study focuses on the example of career guidance as a political program, which is part of the so-called "activation policies" for employment. On the one hand, the thesis examines the logic and, on the other hand, the implementation of this program, as it seems that it contributes to a process of subjectification of employees by creating ethical transitions and new forms of integration. At a first level, the theoretical overview, initially describes modern individualization as a product of social transformations in the postmodern era, with the contribution of contemporary sociological considerations. Some of the consequences of individualization are pointed out here, along with the existence of forms of reintegration. Individualization is then explored in conjunction with subjectification in the light of government. The governance of individual responsibility is analyzed in the transition from the liberal to the neoliberal regime. Some theoretical conclusions are drawn about the construction of the entrepreneurial self through employment policies. At a second level, the logic of activation policies is examined. Here is presented a brief overview of the articles related to the integration of entrepreneurial logic through lifelong learning into the European Union's Career Guidance policy and the adoption of the practice of self branding. In the research part, a secondary analysis and a meta-analysis of qualitative data is carried out on a study about consulting actors in Greece conducted in 2003. The analysis is based on the thematic analysis approach. The purpose of the research is to understand the way in which political power is exercised in neoliberalism, through the example of activation employment policies. The aim of the research is to investigate the networks of power that appear through the implementation of career guidance, and the discourse of the counselors. This is based on the theoretical assumption that career guidance policy, on the one hand, functions as a mechanism of subjectification within the neoliberal government and, on the other hand, produces and - at the same time - depends on individualization. The main findings of the research highlight the role of political centers in the exercise of political power and the way political discourse is reproduced at various levels. Furthermore, the role of career consulting is described along with the process of individualization and standardization which is carried out for the reintegration through labor market rules and the integration of entrepreneurial culture. Emphasis is placed on shifting responsibility for life situations and conditions from state institutions to individuality. Finally, certain forms of economy and social relations are pointed out to hinder the desired development of competition and the implementation of the political program, based on the neoliberal socio-economic model.
Language Greek
Subject Activation policies
Career guidance
Entrepreneurial self
Individual responsibility
Ατομική ευθύνη
Ενεργιακές πολιτικές
Επιχειρηματικός εαυτός
Συμβουλευτική σταδιοδρομίας
Issue date 2021-6-17
Collection   School/Department--School of Social Sciences--Department of Sociology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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