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Identifier 000441443
Title Διατροφική κυριαρχία, μετασχηματισμός της παραγωγής τροφίμων και αγρο-τροφικά δίκτυα
Alternative Title Food sovereignty, transformation of food production and alternative agri-food
Author Κοντογιάννη, Σπυριδούλα
Thesis advisor Πετροπούλου Ευγενία
Reviewer Σερντεδάκης Νίκος
Κούση Μαρία
Abstract In recent years, Food Sovereignty (FS) has emerged as a «bottom up» movement that opposes the industrial way food is produced and distributed around the world. Utilising the concept of Food Sovereignty this dissertation proposes an alternative but also a sustainable solution to the growing food crises around the world. The conventional agri-food system which was based on the achievements of «Green Revolution» aimed to provide food to all people of the planet. However, its structure presents several imperfections and as a result today we are talking about the emergencies of the current agri-food system and the negative externalities which have been affecting people, the environment, and both the global and local economy etc. Therefore, it is necessary to study in this dissertation how society, at the global level, is facing impasses and the negative implications of this agro-industrial system. After a brief historical review of the implications and negative externalities of the global agri-food system, I focus on the industrialization of food production and consequently on the effects of the financial crisis on food production and distribution. In addition, I present several initiatives that have emerged over the last decades where they not only oppose to this conventional mode of production but also provide sustainable and alternatives solutions to this. Specifically, in chapter one, I examine the context of the current agri-food crisis, supported by the relevant literature, as well as the impasse and negative externalities of the conventional agri-food regime. I also examine how the international economic crisis, had a direct economic impact in the price increase of agricultural products and consequently impacted the structure of the current agri-food system. For this reason, the concept of food security is presented which explains the emergence and justification of the intensive model of agriculture and thus the predominance of the conventional agri-food system. Furthermore, in chapter one, I shall briefly examine how the Global Financial Crisis has strengthen the crisis of the conventional agri-food system and how this crisis has shaped the current political, socio-cultural and environmental crisis. The concept of environmental sustainability is introduced as well in order to display how and in which way it is opposed to the current intensive agri-food system. In chapter two, I will present the concept of Food Sovereignty (FS) and the birth of the concept of Alternative Agri-food Networks (AAFNs) according to the international literature and present the scientific contributions around the insights of AAFNs. But before focusing on the case of AAFNs, I will discuss the food controversy, consumer demands and the turn to quality of food production and consumption and therefore to the general phenomenon and need for institutionalizing organic agriculture. In addition, the post-organic period, the political dimension of food and the evaluation of AAFNs as social movements are some of the issues presented. Chapter 3, chapter focuses on the three case-studies of analysis as alternative foods movements, La Via Campesina, Slow Food Movement and Community Supported Agriculture and their relation with the premises of FS. In chapter four I will try to combine insights from Social Movements theories to the study of LVC, Slow Food, and Community Supported Agriculture, while in the final chapter, chapter five, the presentation of my conclusions will be illustrated.
Language Greek
Subject Alternative agri-food networks and social movements
Fair trade
Food security
Food sovereignty
Sustainable agriculture
Βιώσιμη γεωργία
Δίκαιο εμπόριο
Διατροφική ασφάλεια
Διατροφική κυριαρχία
Εναλλακτικά αγροτροφικά δίκτυα και κοινωνικά κινήματα
Issue date 2021
Collection   School/Department--School of Social Sciences--Department of Sociology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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