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Identifier 000426742
Title Μορφές βίας και καπιταλιστική κοινωνική μορφή στι Κεφάλαιο του Μάρξ
Alternative Title Forms of violence in Marx's Capital
Author Μπουρμά, Χριστίνα-Μαριλύ
Thesis advisor Λαβράνου Αλίκη
Reviewer Νουτσόπουλος Θωμάς
Κουμπουρλής Γιάννης
Abstract The study that follows entitled Forms of violence in Marx 's Capital aims at locating the theming of violence in the mature Marxian work, particularly in the first volume. Non autonomous theming in social theory as well as in the Marxian work has led to this theoretical pursuit .. At the same time an attempt is made at designating the political element inthis fundamental work of the Capital. For Marx violence is located at the first stages of the emergence of Capitalism most of all innatural forms. During the process of constituting this new type of society violence acts through jus by going through it and structuring it with the element of one-sidedness. Consequently, in the established by now capitalist societies and relations, violence goes through the structures and relations of the fmancial life and field while it is internalized and consolidated by new productive relations and subjects. The present study keeps track of this succession and points out the violence and its forms that are embodied inthe stages of development of the capitalist society. The clear form of direct violence that can be traced in the protocapitalist era gets transformed most of all in unstated forms of violence in the new capitalist relation. This direct violence is transformed with a repetitiveness that gets.registered and consolidated inthe labor subjects so that the continuous, visible and direct form of violence does not occur anymore as necessary inthe contemporary capitalist societies. The choice of the categories of subsumption (real and formal) as organizational heuristical shapes helps us to point out the transition from the exterior obtrusion of violence to its intemaiization, with the. form of obedience by the labor subjects, at the same time bringing out a different theming of violence in the Marxist work. The violence of financial relations, as an indirect form of violence in modem societies confirms its presence continuously through the coexistence of theforms of absolute and relative super plus value. Finally this in tum validates the exploitative element that structures the unequal capitalist mode of production. In periods of crisis, respectively, this contradictory element intensifies revealing vividly that next to the internalized obedience of financial relations, institutional state violence is continuously present. Also, it is capable of combining with other forms of violence emphasizing the class-related trait of the violence itself as a medium as well as the social relations and contexts that request it. Jn a parallel manner the notion of subsumption, continuously present in financial discourse and social life, is utilized as a relevant reading tool of the contemporary versions and imprints of violence in crisis conditions.
Language Greek
Subject Marx
Primitive accumulation
Real and formal subsumption
Relevant and full super plus value
Πρωταρχική συσσώρευση
Σχετική και απόλυτη υπεραξία
Τυπική και πλήρης υπαγωγή
Issue date 2019
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Social Sciences--Department of Sociology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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