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Identifier 000424104
Title Κοινωνικός κόσμος και παιχνίδι : μια ανθρωπολογική μελέτη του παιχνιδιού tantara των παιδιών της Μαδαγασκάρης / Παπαχαντζή Ειρήνη.
Alternative Title Social world and game : an anthropological study of the play "tantara" of the children of Madagascar
Author Παπαχαντζή, Ειρήνη
Thesis advisor Γκούνης Κώστας
Reviewer Δαφέρμος Μανόλης
Πουρκός Μάριος
Abstract In Madagascar one can find almost everywhere the symbolic game named tantara played mainly by girls. Once they choose small stones to represent different persons – roles, they narrate entire family stories in the form of dialogues between two persons, while they hit rhythmically one stone with another. This study aims to showcase this traditional game as well as to investigate to what extent these oral narratives reflect the historical, social and cultural aspects of children’s everyday lives (Vygotsky, 1930/1997). Following a participant observation method of children’s everyday lives in different regions of Madagascar, we video recorded seventeen tantara games which we translated and analyzed. While maintaining a phenomenological background, we follow the notion of “thick description” (Geertz,1973) in an effort to render the children’s detailed and accurate discourse. The videos were double coded using the thematic analysis method in order to designate the meaning of the children’s experiences. The forty-one themes that emerged depict the socially and culturally determined interactions on an interpersonal, family and community level. Thus, we conclude that, by playing the game tantara, children create a safe potential space where they can experiment with hierarchic structures or social contracts, with the stressful situations of the everyday life, the fragile family bond, the threatened position of the child within the family context or the conditions of the economic crisis and extreme poverty that rank Madagascar among the poorest countries in the world.
Language Greek
Subject Children of Madagascar
Symbolic game
Thematic analysis
Thick description
Θεματική ανάλυση
Ιστορική και πολιτισμική θεωρία Vygotsky
Παιδιά Μαδααγασκάρης
Πυκνή περιγραφή
Συμβολικό παιχνίδι
Issue date 2019-05-08
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Social Sciences--Department of Sociology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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