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Identifier 000430217
Title Νεανική Πάρκινσον : ενσώματες εμπειρίες και καθημερινές πρακτικές
Alternative Title Young Parkinson's disense : corporeal experiences and daily practices
Author Βαλασάκη, Μαρία
Thesis advisor Τζανάκης Μανόλης
Reviewer Γκούνης Κωνσταντίνος
Franguiadakis Spyros
Αλεξιάς, Γεώργιος
Πουρκός Μάριος
Καντσά Βενετία
Τσιώλης Γεώργιος
Abstract This dissertation attempts to investigate the experience with the young Parkinson's disease in Greece. Through 17 narratives with patients, interviews with experts and participatory observation that lasted 2 years and took place in the teams of Athens, Parkinson's disease needs a multidimensional prism in order to be understood. Patients' narratives call for problematization and relativization of concepts such as space, time, body, concepts which are used as analytical tools to understand the experience as described by the narrators. Parkinson's case suggests experiences between therapeutic promise and an end of life, probability and certainty, deviance and alternative normality, symptom and new technique, and even a space between the physical and the mechanical. It is these cases, which, having undergone invasive treatments, open the discussion of the exploration of bodily experiences that are the product of social learning and mechanical regulation. Still, the places of the groups appear as places of conceptual contradictions, dipoles and combinations. These are the places where social discoursces and individualization processes are intertwined with medical neuroscience and subjective experiences. Thus, a multiplicity of reasons and knowledge emerges, different contexts within which they try to understand themselves, thus projecting different forms of bodily experiences, the experience of multiplicity, the experience of extremes and the experience of balance. The main goal of this dissertation, therefore, is to explore the experience with young Parkinson's disease and to decode the different, but not differentiated, contexts and discources that ultimately seem to constitute the experience as the narrators themselves understand it.
Language Greek
Subject Alternative
Εναλλακτική ικανότητα
Issue date 2020
Collection   School/Department--School of Social Sciences--Department of Sociology--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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