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Identifier 000361952
Title Μετανάστευση και στραγηγικές κοινωνικής ένταξης στον αστικό χώρο : η περίπτωση της πόλης του Ηρακλείου
Author Προκοπάκης, Εμμανουήλ Α
Thesis advisor Χάλαρης, Γεώργιος
Reviewer Γραβάρης, Διονύσιος
Ζαϊμάκης, Ιωάννης
Abstract The purpose of this thesis is the study of the presence of immigrants in the city of Heraklion as well as the study of the issues involved in their integration in the financial and social web of the city as well as the strategies they use to become accepted by the local community, familiarize themselves with the new social environment they have settled in and to materialize their immigration plan. The collection of the data for this study was based on a complex investigatory approach. The combination of quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis was considered as most appropriate for this study. The first study which is quantitative aspires to depict the conditions under which immigrants are assimilated in the labour market of Heraklion and the socio-economic relations immigrants form in the place they settle in. The qualitative study focuses on understanding of the way in which immigrants comprehend the assimilation conditions in the local labour market as well as the social network of the city. The immigrants who reside in the city of Heraklion do not come from the same social strata. Elements of differentiation of the social stratum of the country of descent are recorded. Men as well as women immigrants do not find professional upgrading in the labour market of Heraklion. They belong to the working force which remains in the lowest strata of the city. The difficulty of professional development depicted in the professional courses the immigrants follow from their country of origin to the reception country shows the difficulties they face in assimilating in the local labour market. As for the beliefs they form about their social integration in the city, these depend on their experiences, their immigration plan along with the level of their integration in the labour market. Not all immigrants experience the same rate of social integration nor accept the new social and cultural standards of their reception country the same way. Various ways of adjustment as well as strategies concerning their cultural identity are observed depending on the conditions of the reception country, their social experiences or their needs and plans.
Language Greek
Issue date 2010
Collection   School/Department--School of Social Sciences--Department of Sociology--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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