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Identifier 000381474
Title Διερευνώντας τις κοινωνικές σχέσεις με όρους υγείας & ασθένειας : η κοινωνική ιστορία της ιατρικής ως ερευνητικό πεδίο
Alternative Title Διερευνώντας τις κοινωνικές σχέσεις με όρους υγείας και ασθένειας
Κοινωνική ιστορία της ιατρικής ως ερευνητικό πεδίο
Select a value Παπαστεφανάκη, Λήδα
Select a value Τζανάκης, Μανόλης
Select a value Τρουμπέτα, Σεβαστή
Abstract This chapter addresses the rise and trajectory of the social history of medicine as an academic discipline, which deals with the involvement of medicine in the shaping of societal relations and social normativity. Starting from the notion of medicalization and its diverse contents, this chapter argues that the starting point of the social history of medicine, as an academic discipline, is the convergence of the history of medicine and the new social history in the 1970s. Even if the result of this convergence was an autonomous scientific discipline (i.e. social history of medicine), it nevertheless shares the same controversy as the social history and is subjected to the same criticism about the epistemological tools. A large part of the chapter addresses the diverse research paradigms and the related theoretical approaches to social history of medicine and specifies the social subject in the medicalized society beyond a reducing dichotomy of doctor-patient but as a subject that incorporates multiple categories of social differentiation, such as gender, age, class, etc. Finally, the question arises as where the epistemological limits of social history of medicine are if considering that in the era of geneticization and globalization occur both, the context in which social history of medicine traditionally operated changed as well as disease is redefining in terms either of genetic or of globalization.
Language Greek
Issue date 2013
Collection   School/Department--School of Social Sciences--Department of Sociology--Various
  Type of Work--Various
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