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Identifier 000423708
Title Investigating place cell formation in CA1 hippocampal network
Alternative Title Διερευνώντας τον σχηματισμό των κυττάρων περιοχής σε δίκτυο CA1 του ιππόκαμπου
Author Πανδή, Ιωάννα
Thesis advisor Chavlis, Spyridon
Poirazi, Panayiota
Reviewer Sidiropoulou, Kyriaki
Nikoletopoulou Vassiliki
Abstract Spatial navigation is an essential ability for animal survival since it is involved in a variety of behaviors including foraging, search for coverage and mating. There is strong evidence that the CA1 subregion of the hippocampus, in collaboration with other brain regions, supports spatial representation and memory. A substantial neuronal population of CA1 pyramidal cells exhibits spatial selective firing patterns, referred as place cells. However the understanding of the exact mechanisms underlying these processes remains a challenge. Here, we argue that NMDARs facilitate this process by providing long-lasting depolarization to CA1 pyramidal cells. Thus, we aim to provide a mechanistic description of the role of NMDARs in spatial representation. Towards this goal, we took advantage of a computational network model of CA1 where we applied realistic and more sophisticated inputs. Specifically, we simulated direct input from EC LIII and indirect intrahippocampal input from DG-CA3. The network model consists of 130 pyramidal cells and a wide variety of 20 inhibitory local circuit interneurons, namely Basket, Axo-axonic, Bistratified, O-LM, VIP/CR+ and VIP/CCK+ cells. To examine the contribution of both NMDAR kinetics and the corresponding synaptic strengths during place cell formation and dynamics, we modified appropriately, these features. Then, we used quantification metrics to measure the quality of successfully constructed place cells. Interestingly, we predict that NMDAR-mediated nonlinearities in distal apical dendrites of CA1 PCs facilitate place cell formation. At the same time, the increase of NMDAR synaptic strength in proximal apical and basal dendrites impairs place cell formation by providing a prolonged depolarization to pyramidal cells.
Language English
Subject Computational model
Υπολογιστικό μοντέλο
Issue date 2019-07-17
Collection   Faculty/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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