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Identifier 000423713
Title Crosstalk of inflammation and metabolism : the role of Akt1 kinase
Alternative Title Αλλήλεπίδραση φλεγμονής και μεταβολισμού
Author Παφλιώτη, Ελένη
Thesis advisor Τσατσάνης, Χρήστος
Abstract Inflammatory responses are orchestrated and fine-tuned by a plethora of mechanisms at multiple levels. Macrophages are important players in innate immunity who can be classically or alternatively activated and exhibit a pro-inflammatory or an anti-inflammatory phenotype respectively. Metabolic inflammation is a state of chronic, low-grade inflammation and both immune cells and adipose tissue are implicated. Excess nutrients provide the primary induction of metabolic inflammation, while the crosstalk between adipocytes and immune system is what maintains it. There are several studies exploring the effects of dietary metabolites in inflammation, but their exacts effects and mechanisms of action in metabolic inflammation are not fully understood. The present study is focused on studying the effects of gut diet-derived short chain fatty acids on macrophage polarization and metabolism and identifying Akt1 kinase’s role in this effect, so that it will be possible to understand macrophage-mediated intestine microbiome alterations in obesity. We also explore the potential anti-adipogenic effects of terpenoids from sea algae, in the context of adipogenesis causing/deteriorating metabolic inflammation. Overall, this study adds to the current knowledge on the regulation of metabolic inflammation by dietary metabolites and the role of Akt1 kinase in it.
Language English
Subject Adidogenesis
Marine terpenoids
Μεταβολική φλεγμονή
Issue date 2019-07-17
Collection   Faculty/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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