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Identifier 000438266
Title Γνώσεις και στάσεις εγκύων και μαιών για τον εμβολιασμό για κοκκύτη και γρίπη κατά την κύηση
Alternative Title Awareness and attitudes of pregnant women and midwifes for pertussis and influenza vaccination during pregnancy
Author Παύλους, Γεώργιος
Thesis advisor Χατζηδάκη, Ελευθερία
Reviewer Δημητρίου Ελένη
Θεοδωρά, Μαριάννα
Abstract Introduction: Pregnancy is a unique immune condition of immunotolerance, but not suppression. Pregnant women are susceptible to various infections like influenz. Neonates and young infants are also more susceptible to infections, such as the flu and pertussis, due to their immature immune systems. As immunization is only achieved quite late in infancy, vaccination of pregnant woman for influenza and pertussis is considered an appropriate strategy to protect both her and her infant, through the interplacental transfer of maternal antibodies. The flu and pertussis vaccine during pregnancy are safe and effective. However, the vaccination coverage for pregnant women remains low. The role of midwives in informing and recommending vaccination to pregnant women is crucial. Objective: The study's objective is to investigate the current state of awareness of pregnant women and midwives for influenza and pertussis vaccination during pregnancy and the attitudes related to the same issue. In addition, the contribution of midwives in informing the pregnant women and how the level of vaccination coverage of pregnant women is being shaped in the two prefectures of Crete were examined. Methods: The study was conducted in two Hospitals of Crete (University General Hospital of Heraklion and General Hospital of Agios Nikolaos) and investigated the knowledge and attitudes of women in pregnancy or soon after birth and midwives who were attended, hospitalized or working respectively in these Hospitals. A different questionnaire for each group was distributed and filled in after informed consent between 01/09/2020 and 15/12/2020. Participants' anonymity was maintained by coding the data. Results: We evaluated 357 pregnant women and 48 midwives. Pregnant women were largely unaware of the recommendation for influenza and pertussis vaccinations during pregnancy (28.7%, and 60.8%, respectively) and their protective effect on the newborn (73.1% and 78.4%, respectively). Midwives were well informed about influenza vaccination (correct answers 73.17%), but had inadequate knowledge about pertussis vaccination (correct answers 47.45%). Vaccination coverage of pregnant women for influenza and pertussis, including those who planned to be vaccinated later in pregnancy, was low for influenza (40.06% - vaccinated 20.45%, vaccination schedule 19.61%) and significantly lower for pertussis (12.88% - vaccinated 4.76%, vaccination schedule 8.12%). If vaccination was recommended by an obstetrician or a midwife, 68.07% of pregnant women stated that they would be vaccinated for influenza and 52.38% for pertussis. The contribution of midwives in informing pregnant women about vaccinations was particularly low, since only 2.03% of pregnant women were informed about the vaccination for influenza by midwives and respectively only 2.43% for pertussis. On the other hand, midwives stated that they routinely or frequently recommended influenza (41.7%) and pertussis (20.8%) vaccination. Conclusions: Both pregnant women and midwives had inadequate knowledge about vaccinations in pregnancy. Vaccination coverage of pregnant women was low. With obstetricians or midwives recommending vaccination, increased pregnant women's vaccination rates might be anticipated. This strongly suggests developing effective information campaigns and implementing a routine vaccination program for pregnant women delivered by midwives and obstetricians.
Language Greek
Subject Midwives
Issue date 2021-03-29
Collection   School/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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