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Identifier 000449442
Title Αξιολόγηση της απόδοσης και της ποιότητας των υπηρεσιών υγείας απο τα Κέντρα Υγείας της Ελληνικής επικράτειας
Alternative Title Evaluation of the effectiveness and quality of primary care services in health care centers in the greek territory
Author Σμπαρούνη, Βασιλική
Thesis advisor Λιονής, Χρήστος
Reviewer Φιλαλήθης, Αναστάσιος
Χλουβεράκης, Γρηγόριος
Σουλιώτης, Κυριάκος
Παπαδάκης, Νίκος
Σμυρνάκης, Εμμανουήλ
Συμβουλάκης, Εμμανουήλ
Abstract Objective: The principal motivation for this dissertation, which was conducted by the University of Crete's Clinic of Social and Family Medicine in collaboration with the National School of Public Health, was the lack of available tools for assessing and evaluating the quality of health services offered, in contrast to international practice. It aspires to help launch a debate on how a better health care sector and planning can manage existing problems and emerging needs, through an effective and flexible link between primary health care and public health in Greece. In this context, the main objective was to evaluate the PHC services provided in rural Greece. This is considered to be the first step in describing the current conditions, which will allow the transition to a viable and effective reform of health care provision, particularly during the period of the current new global crisis. Study population and methodology: Data were collected from two geographical and administrative regions representing differences in economic status and population frequency. Crete and Epirus, at the beginning of the economic crisis, were the study areas. Data collection was carried out from December 2008 to June 2009 and was part of a larger ongoing project started by the University of Crete (Clinic of Social and Family Medicine) in collaboration with the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Crete and the National School of Public Health of Greece, with the general aim of providing a detailed mapping of the services provided by Primary Health Care Centers in Greece. The study was included 21 Primary Health Care Centers and their reference populations, in the regions of Epirus and Crete, in Greece. For this purpose, a methodology with qualitative and quantitative characteristics was used in order to: a) Record the activities and services provided by the Health Care Centers of the Greek Territory regarding the basic infrastructure, unit organization, services provided, health education, training, research, referrals and liaison with the hospital, as well as collaboration with agencies b) record the needs in electromechanical, hospital hotel and biomedical equipment at the Health Care Centers. (c) record the various attitudes towards clinical governance and its implementation in CPU units, as well as the needs for continuing education. (d) measure the clinical effectiveness of Health Care Centers in selected chronic diseases. (e) assess the quality level in selected areas of the organization, administration and operation of Health Care Center services and, finally, (g) indirectly assess the performance of the Health Care Center services. Specifically, the tools used in the study were a standardized semi-structured questionnaire, quality assessment frameworks and qualitative research methods. Results: Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected. The main ones concern the existing staffing (nursing, other health professions and administrative staff) of the Health Care Centers which highlights the shortcomings at the educational level since, as the results show, only 50% of the reception staff has the training to deal with emergency cases. The qualitative study of the evaluation of PHC services in the two separate regions of Greece recorded the relative views of PHC providers and managers. On site interviews showed that primary care professionals hold varying views as to the quality of services provided, although the vast majority identified similar obstacles to providing high quality PHC services. The positive attitude of health care providers in the quality assessment research of health care services should be strengthened by overcoming the identified barriers, while addressing concerns raised about the future development of private Health Care Centers, in order to avoid a serious decline in services of state-funded Primary Health Care. Conclusions: The methodology used in this study was found to be appropriate for assessing providers' views on the quality and effectiveness of the provided services and could also be used in other European countries, where PHC reforms are being implemented or are facing similar challenges.
Language Greek
Subject Health services
Πρωτοβάθμια φροντίδα υγείας
Υπηρεσίες υγείας
Issue date 2022-07-29
Collection   School/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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