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Identifier 000429251
Title Η επιθετικότητα στο παιχνίδι ρόλων παιδιών προσχολικής ηλικίας / Τζαγκουρνή Ευαγγελία.
Alternative Title Aggression in the role-playing of preschool children
Author Οικονομάκη, Παρασκευή
Thesis advisor Μαρκοδημητράκη Μαρία
Reviewer Κυπριωτάκη Μαρία
Οικονομάκης Βασίλης
Abstract Role-playing, as a main form of occupation for preschool children, usually attracts the research interest. This is based on the fact that role-playing is able to enrich the social-emotional and the cognitive development of children. In this research study, the role play, which is characterised by the aggression, has been chosen to be the main field of interest, analysing the behaviour of preschool children, via the used play, as well as children’s reaction towards their partners (i.e their mothers) behaviour during the studied role-playing game. In term of this study, eleven children participated (i.e. 4-6 years old) with their mothers, while the kindergarten teacher of each child was responsible to fill in the used questionnaire, which concerned the social-emotional development of each child. The children were asked to develop a role-playing game by themselves, using dolls, given by the study conductor. By using the same dolls, each mother was asked to play with his/her child. In this case, five out of eleven mothers were chosen to include aggressive behaviour in the role playing game. In order to evaluate the children’s behaviour in depth, all children’s mothers conducted an interview, discussing and analysing the reaction of their children when they play together. In this point, It has to be stayed that this study took place in the children's houses. From this study, it has been noticed that children and adults play in different ways. It is found out that the children’s play is based on the their movements and making sounds, in contrast to adults (i.e. children’s mothers ) who preferred playing, using verbal ways, such as creating stories and scenarios. In addition, it is seen that playing in an aggressive way, from the mothers’ side, can be characterised as more interesting from the side of children, making them laugh, expanding their interest for playing and simultaneously developing their social skills. Finally, the social influences of children’s every day experiences, children’s books and cartoons were obvious
Language Greek
Subject Aggression
Role play
Rough and tumble play
Ηθική ανάπτυξη
Παιχνίδι με στοιχεία επιθετικότητας
Παιχνίδι ρόλων
Issue date 2019.
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Education--Department of Preschool education--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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