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Identifier 000442781
Title Παραγωγή και σύνθεση λέξεων στο Δημοτικό Σχολείο / Ψαρρά Χρυσάνθη.
Author Ψαρρά, Χρυσάνθη
Thesis advisor Τζακώστα Μαρίνα
Abstract This dissertation is an attempt to explore students' abilities in the synthesis of derivatives and compound words, by evaluating learning outcomes as they emerge from written tests. In particular, it is investigated whether students are able to withstand tests related to derivative and compound words, forming magnifying and hyphenational nouns themselves, recognizing the connecting vowel between the parts of a compound word and each time choosing the appropriate suffix for the formation. of the above. To collect all the necessary data for the research, an educational experiment with students was designed and implemented, which includes an educational intervention designed according to the teaching of derivative and compound words. This educational intervention was based on the reading of two fairy tales, "AKIAROSITSA" for the derivative words and "DYONOMASIA" for the complex and then on worksheets that were distributed to the students. Throughout the process, the role of the researcher was supportive and having preceded the traditional teaching and then the reading of the fairy tales, all the necessary clarifications were given, in order to cover questions regarding these grammatical chapters. Derived words are those that arise after the addition of suffixes or prefixes and are a large part of every speaker 's daily vocabulary. Accordingly, the composition concerns words that result from the union of two or more parts. Both derivatives and compound words are important chapters of grammar and are taught systematically based on the Curriculum and in the 4th grade of elementary school, where the intervention took place. These are chapters that students deal with not only in the first grades of elementary school, but also at all levels. This makes clear the need for proper learning and assimilation of knowledge about derivative and compound words, so that students are able not only to identify and recognize them, but also to integrate them correctly in both oral and in their written word. To investigate the degree of students' abilities in the formation of derivatives and compound words, an educational intervention was planned, which was implemented in two phases. In the first phase took place the reading of the fairy tales and the pre test with exercises on the respective chapter and in the second phase, took place the post test in order to explore the in-depth understanding on the part of the students. The research questions were:  The ability of students to compose derivative words, magnifying and diminutive, choosing the appropriate ending each time  The ability of students to recognize the connecting vowel that develops in compound words, to emphasize compounds correctly and to form compound words correctly Classical tools, such as tests, were used to collect data from the educational intervention. Then, the data were analyzed quantitatively (statistically) and qualitatively, to draw conclusions - answers to the above questions.
Language Greek
Subject Compound words
Conjunctive vowel
Derived words
Παράγωγες λέξεις
Συνθετικό φωνήεν
Σύνθετες λέξεις
Issue date 2021-09-15
Collection   School/Department--School of Education--Department of Preschool education--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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