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Identifier 000425723
Title Δημιουργία εκπαιδετικού λογισμικού με θέμα τον πολλαπλασιασμό για παιδιά Β΄δημοτικού και εφαρμογή μέσω παρέμβασης : μια ποσοτική μελέτη
Alternative Title Creation of an educational software based on multiplication for secondary primary school students and intervention through intervention : a quantitative study
Author Ζερβουδάκη, Ειρήνη
Thesis advisor Λιναρδάκης Μιχάλης
Abstract The purpose of the present study was to examine the correlation between the application of appropriate educational software on tablets in the understanding of multiplication through intervention in Second Grade Primary School students. The experimental group was determined by random sampling and the comparison of mean values between the experimental and control group was crucial. The participants involved in the study were 102 Primary School students from three public schools, in the area of Chania. Three data collection tools were used in the study. Two Mathematical Performance tests on Multiplication, a Pre-test before the intervention and a Post-test after, as well as a Questionnaire on the experimental group in accordance to the use of tablets in the school and home setting. The intervention tool of the experimental group included the educational software developed by the author/researcher of the present work, with exercises based on the multiplication tables. The corresponding intervention tool for the control group included the same exercises through five worksheets. The findings of the study indicate a statistically significant difference in the performance of the sample after the intervention, with the experimental group being weakly statistically significantly superior to the control group. Specifically, the experimental group had a weakly statistically significantly higher performance on the 1st Exercise of the Post-test, whereas Gender in combination with Group appeared to affect performance in Exercise 4. The girls in the experimental group performed better than the boys, while the opposite was observed in the control group. A strong predictor of the overall performance on the Post-test, as well as on each Exercise, was the individual Pre-test overall performance and the performance on each Exercise respectively. There was no correlation between the performance of the experimental group in the final test and the use of tablets in the school and home setting. Further research is recommended in Mathematics, and especially in the understanding of multiplication through the use of educational technologies such as tablets, in order to identify other potential factors that can affect the comprehension, and therefore the performance of children in exercises related to this topic. A factor considered to be relevant is the amount of time spent with each software.
Language Greek
Subject Educational Software
Multiplication Tables
Secondary Primary School
Β’ Δημοτικού
Εκπαιδευτικό Λογισμικό
Issue date 2019-09-17
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Education--Department of Preschool education--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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