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Identifier 000421369
Title Ο οικο-σωματικο-βιωματικός κόσμος και η ποιότητα ζωής των αναπληρωτών δασκάλων και των δύο φύλων με παρατεταμένο χρόνο μη μόνιμου διορισμού τους (7 και πάνω χρόνια) : μελέτη περιπτώσεων στη βάση της συστημικής και βιογραφικής-αφηγηματικής μεθοδολογίας
Author Πατέρας, Χρήστος
Thesis advisor Πουρκός Α. Μάριος
Abstract One of the major issues that resulted from the financial crisis in the realm of education was the spread and broad use of the institution of substitute teachers by the state. Namely, for many years recruitments in education are made only for substitute teachers that work in a flexible manner and cover in a continuously increasing percentage the needs for manning educational infrastructures for the period between September to June, under working conditions notably different than those for the permanent staff who is working in the same realm, and forced to face the prospect of unemployment for the summer months. At the same time, in most cases, the invitation for the substitute teacher automatically entails his departure from his home, his friends and relatives, the place of his interest and his arrival in a random place of the Greek domain, under pressing timetables. This procedure though creates certain problems to the substitute teachers and changes for the worst their quality of life. Multiple issues occur for the substitute teachers in various aspects of their life and they are called to handle an extremely stressful situation, that keeps going incessantly for many years and to try to achieve happiness in a constantly unstable and sometimes outright hostile environment. In the theoretical part of the research that is cited on this paper, issues are examined regarding to the notion of the quality of life and the way that substitute teachers, men and women, who constitute the sample of this survey, perceive its aspects. Notably, concepts such as quality of life in its historical evolution and its constituents, the flow theory and the notion of happiness, and its evaluation from researchers are being examined. At the same time, an attempt is made to provide an analytical overview for the evolution of the institute of the substitute teacher from its beginnings up until today, the legal framework around this institute is presented and consequently we examine the problems that substitute teachers face both in and out of school, and also the general research findings for teachers and their needs. Moreover, in the theoretical part we examine eco-bodily-experiential approach, the matter of work stress and work insecurity, their sources and the possible way to deal with them. The theoretical part is concluded with the theoretical justification of those methodological approaches and tools used for this research, namely the narrative-emotive approach, the rubbing and the interview. In the empirical part of this paper is cited the qualitative research that was made, which aims to highlight the opinions and the attitudes taken by the substitute teachers, both men and women separately, about those parameters that concern quality of life in general and its distinctive features, about the problems that debase the life of other substitute teachers they are acquainted with, but also their own, and their expectations or fears regarding all these matters. Eventually, the results of their answers are codified in the conclusive chapter and the paper comes to an end with a mention to the limitations that resulted and with suggestions for further future research.
Language Greek
Subject Case studies
Eco-bodily-experiential approach
Flexible work
Flow theory
Free time
Lived experience
Narrative-biographical methodology
Quality of life
Substitute teachers
Systemic methodology
Αναπληρωτές δάσκαλοι,
Βιογραφική-αφηγηματική μεθοδολογία
Ελαστική εργασία
Ελεύθερος χρόνος
Θεωρία ροής
Μελέτη περιπτώσεων
Οικο-σωματικο-βιωματική προσέγγιση
Ποιότητα ζωής
Συστημική μεθοδολογία
Issue date 2019
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Education--Department of Preschool education--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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