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Identifier 000425749
Title Οι επιμορφωτικές ανάγκες των προϊσταμένων νηπιαγωγείων και των διευθυντών δημοτικών σχολείων, σχετικά με την οργάνωση και τη διοίκηση της σχολικής μονάδας : η περίπτωση του Ν. Ηρακλείου
Author Σαββίδου, Πολυξένη
Thesis advisor Οικονομίδης Βασίλης
Reviewer Ελυθεράκης Θεόδωρος
Χατζηστεφανίδου Σοφία
Abstract The present study aims to investigate the educational needs of directors and principals of Preschool and Primary school units in Heraklion Prefecture regarding the organization and management of the school unit, as they themselves define it. It also examines whether the participants' field (PE60-PE70) and years of responsibility as variables affect their reporting. The survey was carried out in two phases. The first took place in December 2018 and the second in June 2019. Fourteen directors and fourteen principals serving in public kindergartens and primary schools, respectively, in Heraklion, participated. The qualitative approach was selected during the research process. The sample was convenience, while the research tool used to collect the data was the semi-structured interview. Before the interviews, participants were informed about the purpose of the research and the recording of the interview. The questions revolved around six axes: (a) demographic characteristics, (b) assessment of up-to-date training in the organization and administration of education, (c) need for education, (d) content of an ideal educational program, (e) views on the most efficient form of education, and (f) motivation to participate. According to the results of the research, there is a strong need for education in the organization and administration of the school unit, both for the directors and headmasters of Preschool and Primary school units. However, it appears that few of them have participated in educational programs on the organization and management of the school unit and they all agree that even though they have participated the knowledge they have acquired has been incomplete. Concerning the content of the training they would like to receive, they agree on educational legislation, school administration and operation, the organization of the school unit archive, and the knowledge of how to handle information systems. In addition, primary school principals with extensive administrative experience highlight the importance of conflict management education. As agreed by the majority, the most efficient form of education would be at the beginning of the school year or whenever there is a need, in a suitable school classroom, in the morning, within the teaching hours, lasting a few days, compulsory, in person and carried out by a member of the Primary Directorate. Finally, the variables defined seemed to influence participants' reports.
Language Greek
Subject Education
Organization and administration.
School directors
Οργάνωση και διοίκηση σχολικής μονάδας
Issue date 2019-10-23
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Education--Department of Preschool education--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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