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Identifier 000440837
Title Η σύνδεση της κοινωνικής / συναισθηματικής επάρκειας με τις γλωσσικές δυσκολίες στην προσχολική ηλικία : μια συγκριτική ex post facto μελέτη παιδιών με γλωσσικές δυσκολίες και τυπικώς αναπτυσσόμενων παιδιών
Alternative Title The connecting of social / emotional competence with language difficulties : an ex post facto study of typically developing children and children with language difficulties
Author Τσιαγγάλη, Μαρία
Thesis advisor Μανωλίτσης Γιώργος
Abstract The present study was conducted in order to study the connection between social and emotional competence and language difficulties in preschool age. More specifically, it is a study in which typically developing children were compared with their peers who have language difficulties to see if these problems can affect their social and emotional development. For the implementation of this study, a correlational research was designed to investigate the relationship between children with language difficulties with internalization and externalization problems compared to the corresponding relationship of typically developing children. In order to make it possible to interpret the data and see if these difficulties can ultimately affect the social and emotional competence of children, the descriptive statistic analysis was used. During the research study, which lasted 5 weeks, the linguistic test LOGOMETRO was administered to a sample of 46 children, so that it will be separated into two groups: typically growing children and children with language difficulties. Subsequently, the KESPI-A list was given to the kindergarten teachers to check their social and emotional level. The results of the study showed that language difficulties affect specific aspects of children’s social and emotional development such as the level of energy, attention distraction and their intention to participate in activities. In the remaining categories of KESPI-A there was no significant differentiation between the two groups.
Language Greek
Subject Behavioral ploblems
Emotional competence
Externalization problems
Internalization problems
Language difficulties
Social competence
Γλωσσικές δυσκολίες
Κοινωνική επάρκεια
Προβλήματα εξωτερίκευσης
Προβλήματα εσωτερίκευσης
Προβλήματα συμπεριφοράς
Συναισθηματική επάρκεια
Issue date 2021-06-08
Collection   School/Department--School of Education--Department of Preschool education--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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