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Identifier 000430920
Title Δημοκρατικές διαστάσεις στην εκπαίδευση και ψυχοπαιδαγωγική προσέγγιση του Celestin Freinet : μελέτη περιπτώσεων μέσα από το λόγο εκπαιδευτικών πρωτοβάθμιας εκπαίδευσης στην Ελλάδα / Παγώνα Περράκη.
Alternative Title Democratic dimensions in education and the Celestin Freinet psychopedagogical approach : a case study based on lived experience of primary education teachers in Greece
Author Περράκη, Παγώνα
Thesis advisor Πουρκός Μάριος
Abstract As observed in Greece, in recent years and under the historical-political conjuncture of the economic crisis, there is an increasing interest among the people in education towards Freinet's democratic pedagogical approach. By the last 4 years already pilot instruction programs have been effectuated for educators in primary and secondary public education asserting this pedagogical application in various cities as well as groups and Cooperative School Networks, with the aim of diffusion of said psycopedagogical approach. Freinet's pedagogical approach, in line with with New Regimen is based around the ideas and work ofFrench educator Celestin Freinet, who lived and taught in France in the beginning of the last century. Freinet himself believed that education should be focalized around the real interests of the child based on democracy and targeting social change towards a democratic and rightful direction. School society is within this approach, the direct interaction with the wider community in which it belongs and education shan't not be meant isolated from life. In the theoretical part of this present paper is described the definition of democratic education and the dimensions of the same in relation to moral, social and emotional development and conduct of the children. Subsequently, the psycopedagogical approach of Freinet is presented alongside the basic points, principles and assumptions of the same concerning the democratic education and the socio-moral and emotional learning and development of the students. Thereupon an overview of the application is extended in the national and international level, as well as the studies conducted concerning the application of Freinet's approach in education. This is followed by a historical reflection of the stages and manners of the input to the approach in Greece from the decade of 1920 until today. In the epistemological-methodological part it is pursued the establishment of the methodology and tools used in the investigation such as the narrative-emotive approach, the clinical semi-structured interview, rubbing and metaphorical expression. As for the research part of the study, the qualitative research conducted is presented. It is the study of four educator cases applying Freinet's pedagogical approach in their classrooms. The research seeks to highlight the experiences, the quality of life and perceptions of these educators concerning the application of the approach in the public Greek school and its' dimensions in the moral, social and emotional development and learning of students, as comprehended and computed by the same research subjects. In the progression of the research part, the results are presented in relation with the partial research questions, the conclusions exported and lastly the constraints of the present study as well as certain suggestions for related future research. This paper demonstrates the intrinsical relationship between education and the students' socio-moral development and learning. Democratic education is, above all, a moral choice that promotes childrens' social and moral development through democratic processes. This education can also be described as an overall democratic school culture that enhances critical thinking, co¬operation, solidarity, respect and the expression of individual differences. Education is, in the spirit of democratic pedagogy, directly associated to everyday life and aims to create critically thinking, democratic citizens with the ultimate objective of a democratic and righteous society.
Language Greek
Subject Biographical-narrative approach
Case study
Democratic education
Eco-bodily-experiential approach
Freinet's rpedagogical approach
Quality of life in education
Socia-moral learning and development
Αφηγηματική-βιογραφική μεθοδολογία
Δημοκρατική εκπαίδευση
Κοινωνικό-ηθική ανάπτυξη και μάθηση
Μελέτη περίπτωσης
Οικο-σωματικοβιωματική προσέγγιση
Παιδαγωγική προσέγγιση Freinet
Ποιότητα ζωής στην εκπαίδευση
Issue date 2020-07-06
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Education--Department of Preschool education--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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