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Identifier 000432183
Title Η ενσυναίσθηση και η ενίσχυση της στην σχολική ηλικία μέσω αναλλακτικών-βιωματικών ψυχοπαιδαγωγικών δραστηριοτήτων : μελέτη περίπτωσης μιας σχολικής τάξης Γ' δημοτικού στο πνεύμα της έρευνας-δράσης / Αδαμαντία Γκένωση.
Alternative Title Empathy and its reinforcement in school age via alternative-experiential psychopedagogical activities : A case study of a third grade elementary school in the spirit of action-research
Author Γκένωση, Αδαμαντία
Thesis advisor Πουρκός Μάριος
Abstract Empathy constitutes a complex and multidimensional concept that has preoccupied many scientific and philosophical disciplines and has been the subject of numerous researches, which aim to study the phenomena related to it. It has been shown that empathy plays an important role in a person’s behavior toward others and, consequently in the creation and maintenance of normal interpersonal relationships. The aim of this Master Dissertation is to study the phenomenon of empathy and the conduction of research in school children, so as to determine through the analysis of research data, the degree of possession of this personality trait, as well as the ability to enhance the empathy through a series of alternative-experiential psychopedagogical interventions. In the theoretical part of the work, the concept of empathy was studied, as it was presented by various scientific disciplines, the various definitions and the theoretical approaches developed in relation to it, its multidimensional role in various fields, the types that synthesize it and finally the factors that affect its manifestation. What has also been studied is the possibility of developing and enhancing empathy and the various educational programs that have been created for this purpose. The research part of the work presents the methodology of action-research that took place in 9 students of the third grade of a primary school, as well as its results. The research consists of three phases or parts: (a) the pre-intervention part of the research, during which data were collected with regard to the existence of the characteristic of empathy of students, (b) the part of the interventions, during which through a series of alternative-experiential psychopedagogical interventions an attempt was made to strengthen empathy and (c) the post-intervention part, where the possibility and the degree to which the students’ improvement in empathy was achieved, was investigated. In the pre-intervention phase of the study, it was observed that many children had difficulties with several types of empathy. The results of the interventions were encouraging, as an improvement of students was observed in several areas of empathy, such as in cognitive empathy (especially in understanding emotions and taking perspective), in offering help, and in the regulation of emotion. On the contrary, there has been very little improvement in emotional empathy and empathetic worry. The paper gives a detailed description and analysis of the three phases of the research-action, as well as the conclusions that emerged from it.
Language Greek
Subject Action-research
Primary School Students
Psychopedagogical interventions
Qualitative Research Methods
Reinforcement of empathy
Ενίσχυση της ενσυναίσθησης
Μαθητές δημοτικού
Ποιοτικές μέθοδοι έρευνας
Ψυχοπαιδαγωγικές παρεμβάσεις
Issue date 2020.
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Education--Department of Preschool education--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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