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Identifier 000444367
Title Αξιολόγηση της υπολογιστικής σκέψης στην Α' και Β' τάξη δημοτικού στα πλαίσια της διδασκαλίας των φυσικών επιστημών μέσω της δημιουργίας ψηφιακών παιχνιδιών
Alternative Title Assessing computational thinking in the first and second grade of primary school amid environmental studies through the creation of digital games
Author Κανάκη, Καλλιόπη Αντωνίου
Thesis advisor Καλογιαννάκης Μιχαήλ
Reviewer Ζαράνης Νικόλαος
Παπαδοπούλου Πηνελόπη
Πολίτης Παναγιώτης
Σκουμιός Μιχαήλ
Σταμοβλάσης Δημήτριος
Σταύρου Δημήτριος
Abstract In this dissertation, we present an innovative tool for assessing basic computational thinking skills. The tool is developmentally appropriate for students in the first and second grade of primary school. The main pillar of the tool is the computational environment PhysGramming (an acronym derived from Physical Science Programming), which allows young users to create their own digital games. Our research focused on three key points: 1. Checking the reliability and the validity of the results obtained from the implementation of the proposed evaluation tool. 2. Applying the assessment tool in the classroom, in order to highlight the levels of basic computational thinking skills of primary school students. 3. Checking the correlation of the levels of structural computational thinking skills, with the understanding of the Environmental Studies course’s content. In other words, the goal was to test whether there is a correlation between the learning performances in scientific fields, with the slevels of basic computational thinking skills. As far as the implementation of the research process is concerned, all its stages took place in a clearly defined and robust ethical framework. The research involved 435 primary school students in Heraklion, Crete, within the context of the Environmental Studies course. Regarding the necessity of our research, it emerges from the review of the international literature, which highlights the lack of assessment tools for computational thinking, especially in preschool and early school age. The originality of our research concerns the construction of an assessment tool, the "heart" of which is PhysGramming, which meets the needs of modern students, who, as digital natives, are not content with the passive use of digital technology, but enjoy its construction. Furthermore, as far as we know, it has not been tested yet whether there is a correlation between the levels of basic computational thinking skills of primary school students, with the content understanding of the Environmental Studies course. An important innovation is the assessment of the levels of basic computational thinking skills, regardless of educational activities aimed at strengthening it. We believe that our research proposal will contribute to the development of the scientific field related to the cultivation of computational thinking, given that the existence of valid and reliable assessment tools allows: (a) the assessment of computational thinking levels, with the purpose of designing targeted learning interventions for its development and (b) the evaluation of the effectiveness of these interventions, in terms of achieving the learning objectives they set. SUBJECT AREAS * Computational thinking in Education. * Information and Communication Technologies in Education. * Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Education. *Assessment in Education
Language Greek
Subject Abstraction
Algorithmic thinking
Computational thinking
Early childhood age
Gamebased learning
Object-oriented programming
Physical and natural science
Αλγοριθμική σκέψη
Αντικειμενοστραφής προγραμματισμός
Αφαιρετική ικανότητα
Παιχνιδοκεντρική μάθηση
Πρώτη σχολική ηλικία
Υπολογιστική σκέψη
Φυσικές επιστήμες
Issue date 2021-06-18
Collection   School/Department--School of Education--Department of Preschool education--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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