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Identifier 000425369
Title Γραμματισμός στην ελληνική ως δεύτερη ή/και ως ξένη γλώσσα
Alternative Title Literature in greek language as second or/and foreign
Author Κοντομανώλη, Νομική
Thesis advisor Σπαντιδάκης Ιωάννης
Reviewer Βασαρμίδου Δέσποινα
Abstract This study was based on a hybrid model of reading comprehension that incorporates the basic theoretical knowledge of social-cognitive and social-cultural theories as well as the approach of literacy intending to plan, to implement and to evaluate an educational intervention that associated with the teaching and learning process of reading comprehension and understanding of informational texts to bilinguals students. The aim of this research was to design and to implement a supportive and encouraging environment of learning and teaching the reading comprehension to children who have the Greek language as second or foreign language with the provision and use of social-procedural facilitations, in order to help fifth-graders students who have problems in reading comprehension. This current graduate thesis aimed to investigate the effect of this educational intervention on bilinguals’ students-readers in improving the quality of reading comprehension during processing informational comparing texts, in developing of metacognitive knowledge regarding to reading process and in developing metacognitive strategies in reading comprehension during the reading process. The research lasted almost two months and it took place in appropriate, supportive and original educational conditions at the 9th Primary School of Rethymno. The teaching procedure was implemented in two fifth grade students, who have the Greek language as second or foreign language with reading comprehension’s problems. The educational intervention of reading comprehension through the provision of social-procedural facilitations was implemented to bilinguals’ students in the context of cognitive apprenticeship and fading scaffolding. The method that was used to this research was the qualitative research with action research elements, the result of which affected significantly the cognitive and metacognitive level of bilingual students-readers.
Language Greek
Subject Action research elements
Cognitive apprenticeship
Comparing texts
Informational texts
Metacognitive strategies of reading comprehension
Problems of reading comprehension
Qualitative research,
Reading comprehension
Social-procedural facilitations
Successive bilingualism,
Γνωσιακή μαθητεία
Διαδοχική διγλωσσία
Κατανόηση του γραπτού λόγου
Κείμενα σύγκρισης
Κοινωνικο-διαδικαστικές διευκολύνσεις
Μεταγνωσιακές στρατηγικές κατανόησης
Πληροφοριακά κείμενα
Ποιοτική έρευνα
Προβλήματα κατανόησης γραπτού λόγου
Στοιχεία έρευνας δράσης
Issue date 2019-06-18
Collection   School/Department--School of Education--Department of Primary education--Graduate theses
  Type of Work--Graduate theses
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