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Identifier 000403596
Title Ουσιαστικά βενετικής, ιταλικής και τουρκικής προέλευσης στην κρητική διάλεκτο
Alternative Title Rzeczowniki pochodzenia weneckiego, wloskiego i tureckiego w dialekcie kretenskim
Author Swat, Karolina Maja
Thesis advisor Gortych-Michalak, Karolina
Abstract The thesis is the next part of the bachelor’s degree but the main problem now become a function of the loan nouns from the languages like Turkish, Italian and Venetian dialect. This thesis consists out of four chapters, the first of which shows the exact dialectal differences occurring in Crete and the geographical breakdowns of Western and Eastern Crete. The second chapter is focused on the importance of mantinades and construction of the couplet, its theme and the role of borrowings in everyday Cretan dialect. The next part of the thesis briefly explains the history of Turkish Domination, the influence of governments on the population and language, and presents occurring in mantinades borrowings. The chapter also noted examples of mantinades. The last but not least part is focused on the loan nouns of Italian language and Venetian dialect along with a brief introduction on the reign of the Venetians in Crete. As in the previous section at the end prezents a list of words of foreign language and dialect, and examples of their use. This thesis aims to draw attention to the problems of etymology of loanwords – loan nouns used in mantinades in the twentieth and twenty-first century.
Language Greek
Issue date 2016
Collection   School/Department--Various
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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