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Identifier 000430198
Title Επιγραφές στον θουκυδίδη / Τσιλιμπάρης-Μαρκίδης, Θεόδωρος.
Alternative Title Inscriptions in Thucydides
Author Τσιλιμπάρης-Μαρκίδης, Θεόδωρος
Thesis advisor Ταμιωλάκη Μελίνα
Abstract The cases, in which Thucydides refers to an inscription or cites its text, are scarce and have attracted some scholarly attention. Large attention has also been paid to the unusual for the historian instances, where he cites verbatim the text of alliances and treaties. This essay examines Thucydides’ relationship with the use of inscriptions as evidence and as a means of writing history. It also studies parts of the Thucydidean work, where events known from inscriptions are not mentioned by the historian; it aims to highlight the motifs Thucydides follows in order to narrate the events he chooses to narrate, as well as to demonstrate the connection between those events and their historical context, as this is contructed by Thucydides.
Language Greek
Subject Inscriptions
Issue date 2020.
Collection   Faculty/Department
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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