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Identifier 000423698
Title Γεω-επιδημιολογική μελέτη των κακοήθων νεοπλασιών του ήπατος στην Κρήτη : Μια χωροχρονική προσέγγιση
Alternative Title Geoepidemiological study of liver malignancies in the island of Crete
Author Καλπαδάκης, Σταύρος
Thesis advisor Λιονής, Χρήστος
Μαυρουδής, Δημήτριος
Σηφάκη-Πιστόλλα Δήμητρα
Abstract Aim: Liver cancer (LC) is the 3th cause of death worldwide. In 2014, 745000 people lost their life due to LC. This study aims to estimate the “burden” of the disease in Crete in incidence and mortality rates and detect the high risk municipalities in order to discuss preventive measures. Method: Data were obtained from the Cancer Registry Center (CRC) regarding all cases of LC for the period 1992-2013. The following rates were estimated on Crete island, Αge-Standardized Incidence Rates (ASIR), Age-Specific Incidence Rates (ASpIR), Age-Standardized Mortality Rates (ASMR), Age-Specific Mortality Rates (ASpMR). The automatic processing output of the CRC’s monitoring system (connected to STATA software and ArcGIS 10.3) was utilized to calculate the above rates and illustrate them in graphs and tables (all tests were conducted at a significance level of 0.05). Bayesian age-period-cohort prediction model was used for the estimation of the expected incidence and mortality rates (2014-2023). Results: For the study period (1992-2013), incidence and mortality showed an increasing trend. Specifically, mean ASIR was 15,3/100.000/year and mean ASMR was 8,65/100.000/year. Age groups 65-69 and 75-79 years for the men presented the highest rates of Age-Specific Incidence Rate (ASIR=39/100.000/year) and for women 75-79 and 80-84 years ASIR (22/100.000/year). Five-year survival rate of LC was 50% and ten-year survival rate was 47% for both genders .Risk factors that were identified included personal history of cancer, family history of LC or other cancer, degree of relationship, smoking and obesity. Some municipalities of Crete are high risk areas for LC, while differences were detected in incidence and mortality rates, and annual rate change among them. Conclusion: LC incidence and mortality in Crete during 1992-2013 had registered an increasing trend. Estimated variation indicates further increase probably due to the lifestyle of the residents, economic crisis and inadequate preventive measures. These data should be further examined and preventive measures to reduce the disease “burden” should be taken.
Language Greek
Subject Cancer registry center
Liver cancer
Issue date 2019-07-17
Collection   Faculty/Department
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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