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Identifier uch.csd.tcl//2000sifakis
Title Τμηματοποίηση εικόνων από χαρακτηριστικά χρώματος και υφής με χρήση στατιστικών μοντέλων και μεθόδων ΜΔΕ
Alternative Title Image segmentation by color and texture feature using statistical models and PDE methods
Author Σηφάκης, Ευτύχης Δ
Abstract This report presents the design and impementation of an image segmentation system baeed on the joint usage of intensity, color and texture features. Intensity and color features consist of the respective normalized local histograms, while the local variances of the Disrete Wavelet Frames analysis components are used as the texture descriptors. A hierarchical clustering technique is applied on square image blocks to estimate the features of the prototype classes. Following the statistical modeling of the corresponding features, the Bhattacharya metric is used to yield high confidence classifications of image pixels into the extracted classes. The level set based Multi-Label Fast Marching algorithm is used for the propagation of initial classification decisions towards the rest of the image.
Language Greek
Issue date 2000-07-13
Collection   School/Department--School of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Computer Science--Technical reports
  Type of Work--Technical reports
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