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Identifier uch.csd.tcl//2001antoniadis
Title Software Simulation of Active Attacks on Cryptographic Systems
Alternative Title Προσομοίωση με Λογισμικό Ενεργών Επιθέσεων σε Κρυπτογραφικά Συστήματα
Author Antoniadis, E.P
Author Voyiatzis, A. G
Author Serpanos, D. N
Author Traganitis, A
Abstract Cryptographic devices are susceptible to a wide range of attacks, which render them insecure despite their use of strong cryptographic algorithms. Active attacks, which introduce hardware faults (transient or permanent), have been proposed recently and constitute a significant class of attacks. Although they have been analyzed theoretically, they have not been studied either through simulation or in practical implementations. In this report, we present a simulation study of active attacks. We describe a flexible, scalable software simulation environment, which has been developed for the analysis and evaluation of proposed active attacks as well as for the development of practical methods for their implementation. We present results of the simulation of attacks proposed in the literature, and introduce enhancements and variations that can lead to efficient, practical attacks.
Language English
Issue date 2001-03-01
Collection   School/Department--School of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Computer Science--Technical reports
  Type of Work--Technical reports
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