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Title Ανακατασκευή ανάγλυφου μνημείων από στερεοσκοπικές εικόνες με σκοπό την εικονική αναπαράσταση
Alternative Title Virtual representation of monuments using stereoscopic images
Author Κομοντάκης, Νίκος
Author Γκρίνιας, Ηλίας
Author Τζιρίτας, Γιώργος
Abstract We present a method for visual representation of sculpture objects or the relief of surfaces. The equipment used contains two digital cameras, a video projector and a laptop. The video projector illuminates objects with a coded structured pattern. A stereoscopic couple of images is registered by the two digital cameras. The registration of the stereoscopic images is aided by the coded illumination. A hierarchical block matching technique is used for the estimation of an initial disparity field, from which a dense disparity field is estimated. Based on the disparities field the 3D surface of the object is reconstructed. Using also views of the object the visual representation is obtained. If more than one stereoscopic couples are registered for an object, then using corresponding images the 3D models are registered for obtaining the whole 3D surface. The methods and techniques developed have been applied successfully on reliefs from the Church Saint Titus at Gortys exposed at the Historical Museum of Crete.
Language Greek
Issue date 2009-06-11
Collection   School/Department--School of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Computer Science--Technical reports
  Type of Work--Technical reports
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