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Title Συγκριτική αξιολόγηση τρισδιάστατων και σύγχρονων αντίστροφου σχεδιασμού τεχνικών τηλεθεραπείας πυελού: εφαρμογή σε μετεγχειρητικούς ασθενείς με CA προστάτη και γυναικολογικούς ασθενείς με CA ενδομητρίου και τραχήλου μήτρας
Author Φραγκούλη, Σταματία
Thesis advisor Δαμηλάκης, Ιωάννης
Abstract The work for this Diploma Thesis took place at the Physics department of the University of Crete in collaboration with the Medical Physics Lab of University Hospital of Heraklion. The purpose of this study was to analyze and compare various 3D and inverse planning Radiotherapy techniques for delivering teletherapy in pelvic cancers. At the beginning of my Thesis, I spent some time to become familiar with the physics of linear accelerator , the workflow of the department and observed all processes of RT delivery. The next few months were spent planning and analyzing with different 3D-conformal, IMRT, VMAT and DMLC techniques for teletherapy delivering to post operative patients with prostate and gynecological cancers. My Thesis comprises of 2 parts. The first part is the theoretical one and contains all the necessary theory for understanding the subject of my work. More specifically, in this study initially, radiotherapy is presented as a therapeutic method, the required stages of treatment delivery and the biological effects of treatment are analyzed. Subsequently, there is a thorough presentation of the delivery methods of radiotherapy, brachytherapy and teletherapy which is the method utilized in this study. Additionally, the basic parts and the operation principle of linear accelerator are presented, concluding with details and benefits of photon therapy and electron therapy. Finally for this part, the modern techniques of external radiotherapy and the whole planning process are presented. In the second part of the current Thesis is analyzed all the work that I did in the Lab of the hospital. Specifically, teletherapy planning with different techniques, using the TPS of the RT department, to real patient cases and comparative analysis is presented to assess the best planning technique for each case. Specific plan performance indices for standard and advanced techniques are explained and evaluated. Intensity modulated inverse planning techniques showed superior performed compared to older conformal ones.
Language Greek
Issue date 2022-11-25
Collection   School/Department--School of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Physics--Graduate theses
  Type of Work--Graduate theses
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