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Identifier 000447546
Title Το κίνημα των πλατειών και το τέλος της συναίνεσης : συλλογικότητες, αιτήματα και ρεπερτόριο δράσης / Λεβέντης Έκτορας.
Alternative Title The movement of the squares and the end of consensus : collectives, demands and repertoire of action
Author Λεβέντης, Έκτωρας
Thesis advisor Παπαβλασόπουλος Ευθύμιος
Abstract This essay has studied the movement of the squares in Greece during 2011, focusing on the Syntagma square. The research question that has been examined, is whether and at which extend, the movement of the squares can be seen as the total rupture of the social consensus that was made during the Metapolitefsi period. Then, the social upheavals from the 2008 period onwards will be mentioned while demonstrating the social and political circumstances of that period. Afterwards, the term consensus and the relation between the social networks and the movement of the squares will be mentioned along with the distinction between the “upper” the “lower” square. Its structure, the way it operated and the demands of the movement, as made by the assembly, were then examined, so that the question regarding the consensus will be answered. In the end, the aftermath of the movement of the squares in the social sphere will be demonstrated.
Language Greek
Subject Aganaktismenoi
Movement of the Squares
Social Consensus
Syntagma Square
Κίνημα των Πλατειών
Κοινωνική Συναίνεση
Πλατεία Συντάγματος
Issue date 2022.
Collection   School/Department--School of Social Sciences--Department of Political Sciences--Graduate theses
  Type of Work--Graduate theses
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