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Title Διαγνωστικά επίπεδα αναφοράς εξετάσεων SPECT-CT στο Πανεπιστημιακό Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Ηρακλείου
Alternative Title Diagnostic reference levels for SPECT-CT studies in the University General Hospital of Heraklion
Author Καλογεράκης, Αλέξανδρος
Thesis advisor Περισυνάκης, Κωνσταντίνος
Reviewer Κουκουράκη, Σοφία
Κομίνης, Ιωάννης
Abstract Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs) are a form of investigation levels used as a tool to aid optimization of protection in the medical exposure of patients to ionizing radiation. DRLs are set in local, national or regional level and are an indication of the acceptable average dose values a patient receives, for a particular examination, in a health facility in that area. DRL quantity is defined as a commonly used and easily measured or calculated quantity, by which the amount of ionizing radiation used to perform an examination is estimated. The main purpose of this study is the determination of typical values (median values) of the DRL quantities of SPECT-CT examinations performed in the University General Hospital of Heraklion. These examinations were myocardial perfusion and parathyroid imaging with the use of Tc-99m Tetrofosmin and Sestamibi as radiopharmaceutical and bone imaging with the use of Tc-99m HDP as radiopharmaceutical. As until today, there are no national DRL values set for SPECTCT examinations in Greece, the results of this study could be used as a first step in the direction of their determination. In addition, the comparison of the typical values found for the department, with DRL values published in the international literature for the respective examinations, can be used as an indication in quality control of the department and help in the further optimization of the practices used. The experimental part of this study took place in the Department of Nuclear Medicine of the University General Hospital of Heraklion, during the winter semester of the academic year 2021-2022. There, data of activity of radiopharmaceuticals administered to patients undergoing the most common SPECT-CT examinations were collected, as well as corresponding computed tomography dose data (DLP and CTDIvol). Afterwards, the collected data were statistically analyzed in order to obtain the results of this study. In addition to the typical dose values of SPECT-CT examinations, with the data collected, it was possible to determine the typical values of DRL quantities for myocardial perfusion and bone imaging SPECT examinations. The typical values found for each one of the five exams mentioned above, are compared with DRL values found in the literature. Finally, the median total Effective Dose of patients undergoing the SPECT-CT examinations is calculated, as a means of better understanding their exposure to ionizing radiation.
Language Greek
Issue date 2022-07-22
Collection   School/Department--School of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Physics--Graduate theses
  Type of Work--Graduate theses
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