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Title Photodegradable hydrogels for drug delivery applications
Author Χατζάκη, Ιωάννα
Thesis advisor Βαμβακάκη, Μαρία
Abstract Hydrogels are widely used in a variety of biomedical applications, including drug delivery, matrices for the controlled release of biomolecules and scaffolds for regenerative medicine. The aim of the present thesis, is the development of photodegradable hydrogels composed of linear, poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) chains with different molecular weights (1000 gr/mol, 1500 gr/mol and 4000 gr/mol), and a small, difunctional aromatic comonomer as the crosslinker. Dithiol end-functionalized PEGs with different molecular weights were synthesized in order to be used as the macromonomer. The resulting products were characterized by proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1 H NMR) spectroscopy. Hydrogels were prepared at a 1:1 and 2:1 molar ratio of the two components. The prepared thioacetal-based hydrogels were characterized in terms of their swelling degrees and their ability to encapsulate hydrophilic and hydrophobic dye molecules. Moreover, the release profile of a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic dye from the hydrogel in aqueous environments, with and without irradiation at 254 nm, was studied. The porous structure of the prepared hydrogels was characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) which showed that the hydrogels prepared using the 4000 gr/mol PEG dithiol appeared to be highly porous with larger pores compared to the hydrogels prepared using 1000 gr/mol and 1500 gr/mol PEG dithiol. Finally, in order to verify the photodegradation mechanism of the hydrogels, the properties of the thioacetal-based hydrogels were studied during irradiation with UV light at 254 nm.
Language Greek
Issue date 2021-11-26
Collection   School/Department--School of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Materials Science and Technology--Graduate theses
  Type of Work--Graduate theses
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