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Identifier 000437852
Title Διεθνείς σχέσεις και διπλωματία στην Ανατολική Μεσόγειο την ύστερη εποχή του χακλού και ο ρόλος της θάλλασας / Ελένη Πολυχρονάκη.
Alternative Title International relationships and diplomacy in Eastern Mediterranean during the late bronze age and the Role of the Sea
Author Πολυχρονάκη, Ελένη
Thesis advisor Κόπακα Κατερίνα
Reviewer Γαλανίδου Νένα
Κουσούλης Παναγιώτης
Abstract This master thesis focuses on the diplomatic system of the civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean during the Late Bronze Age and the international relations that were developed through sophisticated protocols presenting both the institutions and the mentalities of the specific civilizations. Furthermore, the role of the Mediterranean Sea is presented, which was critical for the creation and the communication of this diplomatic network, while its collapse towards the end of the Late Bronze Age is also examined, by which time its operation had been abandoned
Language Greek
Subject Diplomacy
International relationships
Late bronze age
Mediterranean sea
Ύστερη εποχή του χακλού
Issue date 2020-12-17
Collection   School/Department--School of Philosophy--Department of History and Archaeology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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