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Title Regulation of the endolysosomal pathway by the human-specific gene FRMPD2B in cortical pyramidal neurons
Alternative Title Ρύθμιση του ενδολυσοσωματικού μονοπατιού από το ανθρωπο-ειδικό γονίδιο FRMPD2B στους πυραμιδικούς νευρώνες του φλοιού
Author Χριστοπούλου, Ειρήνη
Thesis advisor Charrier, Cecile
Reviewer Καραγωγέως, Δόμνα
Σιδηροπούλου, Κυριακή
Abstract During human evolution, the enlargement of the cerebral neocortex combined with the increased morphological complexity of neurons are regarded as the secrets of humans’ remarkable cognitive abilities. Human neurons have extensive and highly branched dendritic trees as well as higher spine density. They form more diverse circuits and they mature over longer time scales. They also show unique physiological properties and the rules governing their plasticity differ from the other mammalian species studied so far. Yet, the molecular basis of these differences remain elusive. FRMPD2B is a human-specific gene of unknown function predominantly expressed in the neocortex. Data from the lab indicate that FRMPD2B increases dendritic branching and synaptic density when expressed in mouse cortical pyramidal neurons. However, the underlying mechanisms are unknown. Using in utero electroporation and confocal microscopy, I demonstrated that FRMPD2B localizes to lysosomes in neurons and that it regulates lysosome size and density in vivo. These results open new routes to explore the mechanisms of neuronal and synaptic development and understand regulations specific to humans.
Language English
Subject Human brain evolution
Neuronal development
Εξέλιξη του ανθρώπινου εγκεφάλου
Νευρωνική ανάπτυξη
Issue date 2021-12-01
Collection   School/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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