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Identifier 000448014
Title Απόψεις γονέων και φροντιστών παιδιών, εφήβων και ενηλίκων με Διαταραχή Αυτιστικού Φάσματος σχετικά με τη σεξουαλικότητα και τη σεξουαλική διαπαιδαγώγηση / Μπουτακίδου Αγάπη Αρτεμισία.
Alternative Title Attitudes of Parents and Caregivers of Children, Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder about sexuality and sex education
Author Μπουτακίδου, Αγάπη Αρτεμισία
Thesis advisor Κουρκούτας Ηλίας
Reviewer Κυπριωτάκη Μαρία
Ματσόπουλος Αναστάσιος
Abstract Sexuality is a key aspect of the human entity and a topic that has caused several controversies and tensions in the research field. However, recent literature shows that more and more researchers agree on the influence of sexuality on one's life and focus on the benefits that sexual education can provide, especially when taught from an early age. Discussing sex education can be difficult for any parent. However, for the families of people with Autism the issue can be particularly challenging. These individuals are often developmentally retarded compared to their typically developing peers. They may need help understanding the basics of consent and finding ways to set appropriate boundaries. Those who are beginning to explore romantic relationships may need clearer instructions on the social rules that govern them. In this regard, the role of parents and carers is crucial for how a child, adolescent and adult with Autism can cope with the impending changes in sexual behavior. The importance of the role of parents encourages the need for a study to determine their perception of sex education. In the present study, 65 parents/caregivers of children with ASD participated and as a means of data collection was used the questionnaire, which was based on the already structured questionnaire of the research "High-functioning autism and sexuality: A parental perspective" (Stokes & Kaur, 2005). This tool has been used in other relevant research and its reliability and validity has been confirmed (Kalyva, 2010; Plexousakis et al., 2020), with the Cronbach's index a being high (> 0.7) in all reported investigations including this one. The analysis of the data shows that people with ASD, especially in the ages of 12-18 and 18-30 years, show inappropriate sexual behaviors - even in public, which are more common in people with ASD with low functionality. Also, it is found that many parents are worried about whether their children's behavior is misinterpreted as sexual and whether they will find a partner in their life. Finally, it seems that people with ASD have limited knowledge about sexuality issues and that parents deem it necessary for their children to participate in sex education programs. Therefore, the aim of this study is to investigate both the views of the parents of people with ASD, aged 4-30, on sexuality issues and their attitudes towards sex education.
Language Greek
Subject ASD
Παιδιά/έφηβοι/ενήλικες με ΔΑΦ
Σεξουαλική αγωγή
Στάσεις γονέων
Issue date 2022-04-28
Collection   School/Department--School of Education--Department of Primary education--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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