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Identifier uch.biology.msc//2005lepturgidu
Title Επαγωγή στειρότητας σε πληθυσμούς εντόμων μέσω της RNAi καταστολής του γονιδίου tyramine-beta-hydroxylase
Author Λεπτουργίδου, Φλώρα
Abstract The sterile insect technique (S.I.T.) is a genetic method that can be used to successfully suppress economically important pest species. S.I.T. involves mass production of the target pest, its sterilization and sustained release throughout regions containing a population of the wild type insect. The native population becomes reduced as a consequence of infertile matings with the introduced, sterile, insects. An improved version of S.I.T. involves the transmission, through transgenic insects, of mutations that cause either sterility or death of their progeny. TβΗ is a gene that codes for an enzyme responsible for the conversion of tyramine to octopamine, an important neuroactive molecule in many invertebrates. Ιn Drosophila melanogaster mutations in ΤβΗ gene result in octopamine depletion that gives rise to female flies which are sterile due to an inability to lay eggs. An application of the improved S.I.T. version was tested in the fruit fly Drosophila, in which the TβΗ gene was silenced by the induced expression of a double stranded RNA molecule homologous to part of the gene. RNAi was considered successful as it gave rise to a phenotype identical to the TβΗ-null mutation. Our purpose is to apply the same technology in economically important species such as the agricultural pest C.capitata (medditeranean fly) and the mosquito A.gambiae which is a vector for serious diseases in man. For, that reason, we cloned part of TβΗ homologues in these insects.
Language Greek
Issue date 2005-11-28
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Biology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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