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Identifier 000430171
Title Η ποιότητα εργασίας και η εργασιακή ικανοποίηση εργαζομένων σε δομές ΑμεΑ και κέντρα στήριξης παιδιών / Μητσοπούλου Ζωή.
Alternative Title The quality of work and job satisfaction of employees in children's support centers and people with disabilities
Author Μητσοπούλου, Ζωή
Thesis advisor Καρακιουλάφη Χριστίνα
Reviewer Ελευθεράκης Θεόδωρος
Τζανάκης Μανόλης
Abstract The quality of work and the job satisfaction in our days constitute important sources of output and extension of productivity for an organization or an enterprise. The job satisfaction focuses on the interest of employers and enterprises, so that the administration of human potential, the human resources and itself the factor of productivity, the worker and his possibilities are comprehended better. The present study aimed at the job satisfaction and the quality of work of workers in children support centres. Moreover, the social relations between the workers and if the economic crisis has influenced their work today were investigated. The support centres of children are organizations and institutions with final aim the defence of mental health, the growth of dexterities and capabilities of children as much sentimental, as social and cognitive field. Mainly, they encourage the existence of a supporting environment, through interventions, so that the faculty of an individual to acquire a positive attitude for life and its correspondence toward unfavourable conditions is cultivated. The study took part in centres of support in the prefectures of Rethymnon and Heraklion and specifically has been taken part in the following centres: a) the “Association of Parents and Children and Friends of Individuals and Adults with Infirmity Sillogos A.G.A.P.I in Rethymnon”, b) “Children's Villages S.O.S Heraklion Centre of Support and Family of Child, c) Centre of Special Children with Special Needs- “Zoodochos Pigi” in Heraklion. The research was conducted with qualitative research and with the application of questionnaire and interviews on workers of centres of support after scheduling an appointment for the conduct of their interview. The breadth of workers was wide and workers from different fields of sciences, as special educators, social functionals, nurses, psychotherapists, psychologists were interviewed. Mainly in this research workers who oriented from social sciences studies field, provide their services toward people, but also whose effort to balance the mental and physical health of children is indicated. After the theoretical part, in the third part of the paper support centres, their structure and functions are described. The fourth part describes the methodology, i.e. the way in which the study was conducted through a qualitative interview method. Following, the results of the research in the fifth chapter, as they are emerged from the analysis of the interviews. The paper completes with the citation of the bibliography and the appendix. The index includes the approvals of the support centers, the interviews and the questionnaire, which has been used for the conduct of survey.
Language Greek
Subject Centre support for children
Disability support structures
Job satisfaction
Qualitative research
Quality of work
Work environment
Δομές ΑμεΑ
Εργασιακές σχέσεις
Εργασιακή ικανοποίηση
Κέντρα στήριξης παιδιών
Ποιότητα εργασίας
Issue date 2020-05-08
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Social Sciences--Department of Sociology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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