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Identifier 000431892
Title An investigation in change of depth of focus with constriction of the pupil
Alternative Title Διερεύνηση της αύξησης του βάθους όρασης με τη μύση της κόρης
Author Σπάχο, Τζένη
Thesis advisor Πλαϊνης, Σωτήρης
Reviewer Naroo, Shehzad
Abstract The onset of presbyopia at the age of 40 and the continual decline in the amplitude of accommodation until the age of 55 has always led mid-age people to face several problems regarding tasks that acquire working at near distances. Although treating presbyopia has always been an epicenter of clinical studies with numerous approaches, new actions in the scientific community aim to make the “old” eye young again. Therefore, barring traditional approaches in correcting presbyopia, such as spectacles, contact lenses and surgical techniques, a new viewpoint has gained interest which indicates the use of a commercially ophthalmic miotic drug in order to increase Depth-of-Focus (DOF) by decreasing the pupil size. As pupil size is responsible for the amount of light entering the eye, it is also highly relevant to the potential success of many methods for improving the vision of presbyopes. The work conducted in this thesis is a pilot study, in which a drop of 1% pilocarpine (miotic drug) was used in the non-dominant eye of 10 presbyopic subjects who underwent a range of measurements to assess any advantages in visual performance monocularly, and binocularly. Near and distance Visual Acuity (using logMAR charts), defocus curves (using a Landolt C optotype) and reading performance (reading acuity and reading speed) were evaluated, before and after instillation of pilocarpine, to determine if there were any benefitable changes throughout this process. Furthermore, Near Activity Visual Questionnaire (NAVQ) was used to subjectively asses participants’ satisfaction concerning near activity during the study. Reducing pupil diameter, using 1% pilocarpine in the non-dominant eye, showed a minor, non-statistically significant, improvement in near acuity, while keeping good distance visual acuity. Defocus curves showed some enhancement of DOF, by improving acuity for specific near vergences. Furthermore, a significant improvement in some reading performance metrics was found after pilocarpine instillation, especially for binocular reading speed. Taking into account the outcome of this work, there are positive signs that the current approach may be of importance for future applications and further research in the correction of presbyopia, specifically in early presbyopes.
Language English
Subject Pilocarpine
Pupil size
Reading performance
Βάθος εστίασης
Μέγεθος κόρης
Issue date 2020-08-05
Collection   Faculty/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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