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Identifier 000425700
Title Global alignments of radio-jets
Alternative Title Καθολικές ευθυγραμμίσεις αστροφυσικών ραδιο-πιδάκων
Author Μανδαράκας, Νικόλαος Δ.
Thesis advisor Παυλίδου, Βασιλική
Blinov, Dimitriy
Reviewer Παπαδάκης, Ιωσήφ
Ζέζας, Ανδρέας
Abstract Extra-galactic objects which were born together in time and/or space are thought to have similar characteristics primarily related to their morphology and orientation in space. There is particular interest for Active Galactic Nuclei and their jets orientation with respect to the host galaxies and the local or broad environment. In this work, we obtain and study a large data set of parsec-scale radio jets. We use methods used in previous studies to investigate possible alignments at large angular scales. In contrary to existing evidence for alignments found in kiloparsec-scale jets, we do not find a similar behavior in parsec scales. Furthermore, we approximate the direction of local cosmic web filaments around our objects and compare it with the jet direction, finding no signs of correlation. Finally, we compare the jet orientation with the optical axes of the host galaxy and find no preference of alignment with the major or the minor axis, as it has been suggested in the past.
Language English
Subject AGN
Issue date 2019-11-29
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Physics--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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