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Identifier 000337357
Title Κοινωνική αποδοχή από τους συνομήλικους στην σχολική τάξη και δείκτες υγείας, φυσικών ικανοτήτων, σχολικής προσαρμογής και καθιστικών συνηθειών στους μαθητές της ΣΤ τάξης του Ν. Ηρακλείου
Alternative Title Social acceptance from peers in school class and indicators of health, physical competence, school adjustment and sitting habits in students of 6th grade in elementary schools of prefecture of Heraklion, Crete
Author Μπάτσος, Χριστόφορος
Thesis advisor Κογεβίνας, Μανόλης
Abstract The social support appears to play decisive role in the configuration and maintenance of good health and well being. In young people, vital importance in the configuration of this factor is the company and support of peers and the main space of social reference for them is the school environment. Aim of study was the investigation of social status of children in the 6th grade of elementary school with the use of two different sociometric techniques and its relation with factors that were considered that they influence the health as the obesity, the physical competence, the sedentary habits, the school adaptation and the educative-professional level of parents. Sample of study constituted of 420 children, age 11,8 ± of 0,4 years, where they accepted attendance from the total of 551 children that studied in the 6th order of elementary schools from prefecture of Heraklion and filled the criteria of attendance in the research (rate of acceptance 76,2%). From these 263 (percentage 62,6%), emanate from urban schools and the 226 were boys (percentage 54 %). It was found very high percentages overweight and obese children (percentage 49,5%) and high percentages of high users in the sedentary habits (homework daily 47,14%). It was found that the social rejection is related positively with the obesity and negatively with the school adaptation, the physical competence and the educative - professional level of parents. The social isolation presented similar results in smaller intensity and smaller statistical importance. Was found powerful negative cross-correlation of reject with school record (-0,446, p<0,001 and -0.500, p<0,001) and positive with the event of obesity (OR 3,125 p=0.004, CI 95% 1,434-6,811 και OR 1,865, p=0.063, CI 95% 0,966 – 3,601). Proportional powerful negative cross-correlation was also found for the physical competence. The importance of social incorporation of children in the school environment should be one from the main objectives of educational system and it is crucial to create the proportional structures that will support this effort.
Language Greek
Subject Child
Public Health
Issue date 2006-08-04
Collection   Faculty/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
Notes Πρόγραμμα μεταπτυχιακών σπουδών "Δημόσια υγεία και διοίκηση υπηρεσιών υγείας"
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