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Identifier uch.biology.msc//1998spilianakis
Title Μελέτη του μηχανισμού δράσης του ενεργοποιητή των τάξης ΙΙ αντιγόνων ιστοσυμβατότητας (CIITA)
Author Σπηλιανάκης, Χαράλαμπος
Thesis advisor Παπαματθαιάκης, Ιωσήφ
Abstract The factor CIITA (class II transactivator) is an essential transcriptional activator of the MHC class II genes. Here, we present the results of a primary work involving the mechanisms of its action in two directions: the construction of negative mutants and the investigation of its interactions with transcriptional coactivators. We found that mutants of CIITA that lack transactivating properties (deletion of transactivation domain, TD) have a dominant negative action. In addition the transactivation domain itself (aa 1-114) is enough to suppress the action of CIITA when expressed as a stable GST chimeric protein. The results are in concordance with the subcellular expression of hybrid molecules with GFP. The part of CIITA between amino acids 114-408 is important for the potential negative action- an essential property for the recruitment of the protein to the promoter. Previous results from our lab show that CIITA interacts with many coactivators. These results are additive to the findings that CIITA interacts with the factor p/CAF (p300/CBP associated factor). p/CAF interacts with the region of CIITA that spans amino acids 1-114 and 114-408 and acetylates CIITA in the region between 115-298 of the molecule. These experiments are discussed in conjunction with the importance of histone acetylation and non-histone substrates in transcriptional activation.
Language Greek
Issue date 1998-11-19
Date available 1998-10-07
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Biology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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