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Identifier 000358772
Title Φυσική άσκηση και εγκυμοσύνη : έρευνα μέσα στα πλαίσια της μελέτης μητέρας-παιδιού Κρήτης (μελέτη ΡΕΑ
Alternative Title Physical activity during pregnancy: a study within the mother-child cohort in Crete (RHEA study)
Author Σαβουλίδη, Κατερίνα
Thesis advisor Κογεβίνας, Μανόλης
Σαρρή, Κατερίνα
Abstract Background: The benefits of physical activity on peoples’ health are beyond any doubt. Nevertheless the benefits of maternal physical activity, for herself and the fetus, haven’t been clarified. Current evidence supports that maternal physical activity helps to maintain fitness levels and maternal psychological health, while it probably has a positive effect on the risk of gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension and preeclampsia. Also it seems that physical activity is not associated with an increased risk of preterm delivery or low birth weight. Objectives: Aims of this study include record of maternal physical activity prevalence before and during pregnancy and exploration of associations with certain pregnancy complications and outcomes. More specifically, associations between maternal physical activity and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus, hypertension and preeclampsia for mothers and preterm birth and low birth weight for the fetus, have been examined. Methods: The study population consisted of 1142 singleton pregnancies recruited to Mother-Child cohort in Crete. Data on physical activity exposures and outcomes of interest were collected through questionnaires administered to the women during pregnancy and birth. Physical activity during pregnancy has also been evaluated in relation to time spent and energy expenditure. Results: Prevalence of physical activity was very low, both before (21,5%) and during pregnancy (6,1%). None of the results were statistically significant but physical activity before pregnancy was associated with reduced risk of preeclampsia, preterm birth and low birth weight and physical activity during pregnancy was associated with reduced risk of GDM and pregnancy hypertension, while it seemed to have no negative effect on preterm birth and low birth weight. Women that used to exercise were less exposed to active smoking. Conclusions: Physical activity of medium intensity before and during pregnancy has a positive influence both for mother and her fetus. Reasons that keep women from exercise have to be identified and then have to be controlled in order to increase women’s participation. Data from big Mother-Child cohorts, carried on at the moment in EU, and future randomized intervention studies (RCTs) will help to clarify the influence of physical activity during pregnancy, in order to develop type, time and intensity specific exercise guidelines that confers the greatest health benefits for mother and fetus.
Physical description 73 σ : πιν. ; 30 εκ.
Language Greek
Subject Exercise
Gestational diabetes mellitus
Gestational hypertension
Low birth weight
Physical Fitness
Physical activity
Preterm birth
Διαβήτης κύησης
Καλή φυσική κατάσταση
Πρόωρος τοκετός
Υπέρταση κύησης
Φυσική άσκηση
Χαμηλό βάρος γέννησης
Issue date 2009-07-24
Collection   Faculty/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
Notes Πρόγραμμα μεταπτυχιακών σπουδών "Δημόσια Υγεία και Διοίκηση Υπηρεσιών Υγείας
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