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Identifier 000428236
Title The role of DNA damage in mammalian metabolic regulation
Alternative Title Ο ρόλος της γενωμικής αστάθειας στη ρύθμιση του μεταβολισμού
Author Ιωαννίδου, Άννα Γ
Thesis advisor Γαρίνης, Γιώργος
Reviewer Τσατσάνης, Χρήστος
Παπαματθαιάκης, Ιωσήφ
Δελιδάκης, Χρήστος
Τζαμαρίας, Δημήτρης
Καρδάσης, Δημήτρης
Σπηλιανάκης, Χαράλαμπος
Χαλεπάκης, Γιώργος
Abstract DNA damage and Immune response are intimately linked with metabolism and the manifestation of age-related pathologies but the underlying mechanisms remain obscure. Using the Cre/LoxP system, we generated a mouse model carrying a defect in ERCC1, the obligatory partner of the structure-specific ERCC1-XPF endonuclease complex, in circulating macrophages. The Er1F/- mice develop normally, but progressively manifest metabolic alterations, including glycogen accumulation and increased tolerance to glucose. We found that accumulation of DNA damage in Er1F/- macrophages triggers various cytoplasmic stress responses and enhances the biogenesis and secretion of extracellular vesicles (EVs). These EVs are efficiently delivered to the recipient cells where they transfer their cargo, leading to glucose transporter upregulation and increased glucose uptake. In turn, high glucose activates pro-inflammatory signaling, in a rapamycin-sensitive manner, establishing a link between the DNA damage response (DDR), metabolic reprogramming and chronic, systemic inflammation in NER progeroid syndromes
Language English
Subject DNA repair
Extracellular vesicles
Nucleotide excision repair
Γενωμικές βλάβες
Εξωκυττάρια κυστίδια
Επιδιορθωτικός μηχανισμός εκτομής νουκλεοτιδίων
Μεταβολισμός γλυκόζης
Issue date 2020-02-27
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Biology--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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