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Title Φάση II μελέτη υψηλών δόσεων χημειοθεραπείας (Μεγαθεραπείας) με ανάνηψη αρχέγονων αιμοποιητικών κυττάρων σε πρώιμο αλλά υψηλού κινδύνου καρκίνο μαστού
Alternative Title Phase II Study of high dose Chemotherapy with Stem cell hematopoietic support in early high risk breast cancer
Creator Razi, Evangelia D
Abstract The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of adjuvant high dose therapy with the TMJ regimen (ThioTepa 750 mg/m2, Mitoxanthrone 40 mg/m2 and Carboplatin - JM8 1000 MG/M2) in patients with stage II and IIIA breast cancer and 10 or more involved axillary lymph nodes. 74 patients were enrolled in this prospective trial. They all had 3-4 cycles of standard dose chemotherapy with a doxorubicin based regimen, after adequate surgery. They then, proceeded to high dose therapy with one cycle of TMJ and autologous bone marrow and/or peripheral stem cell support. High dose therapy was followed by radiation therapy to the chest wall, supraclavicular area and internal mammary glands, after hematopoietic recovery. All hormone receptor positive patients were then started on Tamoxifen. Median age of the patients was 47 (21-64), ECOG Performance status 0 in all patients, 51 patients were premenopausal, 57 had stage II disease and 17 stage IIIA. Hormone receptor status was known in only 63 patients and of those, half were positive. 67 of 74 had invasive ductal cancer and the vast majority underwent modified radical mastectomy (88%). There were no treatment related deaths. Most patients (86%) developed grade 2-4 muositis and all patients had neutropenic fever. Renal, hepatic, pulmonary and cardiac toxicity was minimal in comparison to other high dose regimens, and in all cases was transient and reversible. The mean days of hospital stay were 24.
Issue date 1998-10-01
Date available 1999-12-06
Collection   Faculty/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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