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Identifier 000438502
Title Φύλο, ταυτότητα και κοινωνική επανάνταξη : αφηγήσεις ζωής ανθρώπων στη φάση της κοινωνικής επανένταξης
Alternative Title Gender, identity and social reintegration : people in recovery talk about their lifeworlds
Author Κατρατζή, Αικατερίνη
Thesis advisor Τριλίβα Σοφία
Reviewer Μπάκα Αφροδίτη
Αθανασιάδου Χριστίνα
Abstract This study examines the life-narratives of men, who are in the social reintegration phase of a rehabilitation program. The study aims to explore their experiences and the construction of their gender identity through the stories they relate as they traversed life from addiction to recovery. Recovery is an intricate and complex process and various personal and social factors contribute to it. One essential element of the recovery process is the reconstruction of the one’s identity. Masculinity was used as a prism and an approach to the study of the course and processes of male identity reconstruction of the men’s recovery journey. The principles of Dialogical Narrative Analysis–DNA were applied and semi-structured interviews were conducted with six male members of a substitution treatment unit. A vital component of the analytical process was the employment of three open-ended sets of dialogical questions concerning identity, the available narrative resources and affiliations to other groups of people. Three dialogical themes were derived from the participants' narratives as a result of the analytical process. The first theme is related to the masculine identity during substance use and addiction, the second captured the turning points that motivated and led towards recovery, and the third concentrated on masculine identity during recovery. The above-stated themes were culled in the core narratives which were highlighted in the participants' stories. Finally, based on the participants’ narratives, discourses of therapeutic programs and culturally dominant narratives regarding masculinity framed the participants’ stories of addiction and recovery. In conclusion, the above results demonstrated the ways in which masculine identity is constructed and the significant role of social constructs of gender in substance use, addiction and recovery. Suggested clinical implications of this study could be the inclusion of strategies on the therapeutic process related to the reconstruction of the problematic hegemonic masculinity characteristics which serve as a barrier in recovery.
Language Greek
Subject Addiction
Addiction recovery
Dialogical narrative analysis
Διαλογική αφηγηματική ανάλυση
Issue date 2021
Collection   School/Department--School of Social Sciences--Department of Psychology--Post-graduate theses
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