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Identifier 000434078
Title Νους, ψυχή και σώμα στη φιλοσοφία του Richard Swinburne
Alternative Title Mind, soul and body in philosophy of Richard Swinburne
Author Γκεζερλής, Παναγιώτης
Thesis advisor Βενιέρη Μαρία
Reviewer Ανδρουλιδάκης Κωνσταντίνος
Πίσσης Ιωάννης
Abstract The mind-body problem concerns philosophy of mind from ancient times to this day, since ηο sufficient theoήes, without ambiguities and contradictions have been foπnulated. Howeve.r, notable approaches to this problem have been made both ίη the past and the modem age. One significant theory οη the problem is the one formulated by Rickard Swinburne. Swinburne ίs a modem• philosopher who has dealt with the philosophy of religion, the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of science. He is a supporter of theism, since he introduces one God as the cause of the creation of the world, who determines the whole function of the world. :β:e also considers that Chήstianity gives a more rational interpretation of theistic views in compaήson to religions. Regarding the constitution of person, he follows the theory of dualism. He believes that each person consists of two substances, the soul and the body. The soul is an immateήal substance, since it is not perceptible in the physical world. Swinburne uses the term soul instead of mind because he believes that the mind has different meanings that do not always descήbe the immaterial substance of person. The soul is a ήgid informative designator of the person, since its mental ρroperties depict that specific person ίη all possible worlds. The body is the second substance of the person, which makes them notable in the physical world. The constitution of the two separate substances is causal and is not perceived anywhere ίη the physical body . However, the soul exchanges stimuluses, ίη the form of cause and effect with only one bodily organ, the brain, which in turn sets in motion the rest of the body. The soul is the most essential substance, since it preserves the personal identity of a person after death οη a metaphysical world. Swinburne defines the substance of the soul as a notion logically possible and metaphysically necessary. Swinbume's theory is important to the philosophy of mind because it resolves some issues in previous dualist theoήes and reminds the supporters of physicalism that the dualist theory has not been confuted yet. Although physicalist theoήes cήticize this theory, they cannot confute it, since they are only involved with the physical substance they perceive, without consideήng the existence of a metaphysical and non-perceptible world.
Language Greek
Subject Body
Personal identity
Προσωπική ταυτότητα
Issue date 2020-10-22
Collection   School/Department--School of Philosophy--Department of Philosophy & Social Studies--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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