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Identifier 000370625
Title Αριθμητικές προσομοιώσεις της επίδρασης της ατμοσφαιρικής εναπόθεσης αζώτου και φωσφόρου στο θαλάσσιο οικοσύστημα της Ανατολικής Μεσογείου
Alternative Title Assessing the importance of nitrogen and phosphorous atmospheric deposition on the Eastern Mediterranean's Sea biogeochemistry (A modeling study)
Author Χριστοδουλάκη, Σύλβια Νικολάου
Reviewer Κανακίδου, Μαρία
Πετυχάκης, Γεώργιος
Μιχαλόπουλος, Νικόλαος
Abstract Atmospheric deposition has been suggested as the main external mechanism supplying nutrients to the marine environment of Eastern Mediterranean Basin; however its fate and exact role in the marine ecosystem have not been established. For the first time, atmospheric deposition measurements of Dissolved Inorganic Phosphorous and Nitrogen over Crete are used synergistically with marine ecosystem observations in the Cretan Sea and a one-dimension complex physical/biogeochemical marine model in order to investigate the role of atmospheric deposition on the Cretan Sea ecosystem. The 1-dimensional ecosystem model taking into account the atmospheric inputs has been adapted to satisfactorily simulate the sea water observations at the Cretan Sea. Observations of production rates and biomasses of phytoplankton and bacteria in the region have been successfully compared with the model results. Sensitivity tests demonstrate that the results depend on the adopted parameterization of the rate of P preferential to N remineralization in the upper sea water layer. The parameterization chosen for the present study is optimal for the simulation of the system. The atmospheric deposition of N and P to the East Mediterranean is estimated by the model to increase the primary production by 1-35% depending on season with the maximum impact calculated for summer and fall. It thus leads to biomasses increases of 2-26% for phytoplankton and up to 7% for bacteria. Simulations indicate that continuous atmospheric inputs of nutrients over several decades can maintain the anomalously high N-to-P ratio observed in the East Mediterranean seawater.
Language Greek
Subject marine biogeochemical ecosystem model
marine productivity
Ανατολική Μεσόγειος
Ατμοσφαιρική Εναπόθεση
θαλάσσια παραγωγικότητα
θαλάσσιο βιογεωχημικό μοντέλο προσομοίωσης
Issue date 2011-12-01
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Chemistry--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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